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The Historic Battlefield of the Cursed, masterpiece, best quality, in cartoon style
The Historic Battlefield of the Cursed, masterp... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 156359179
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Prompt: A side view colored pencil drawing of a fantasy RPG fighting game background landscape on crumpled paper, side-scroller concept art
Prompt: The Impregnable Fortress Odin, masterpiece, best quality, in cartoon style
Prompt: hyperrealist detailed landscape background, game item icon, 2d game asset, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, digital hand painting concept art
Prompt: Extremely high quality, photorealistic Glorious Lookout tower overlooking a fantasy landscaoe with a dark blue sky and pink clouds throughout
Prompt: soft and beautiful
Prompt: A trail that has two outcrops on either side, dnd artstyle, high quality
Prompt: The Impregnable Fortress Odin, masterpiece, best quality, in cartoon style
Prompt: anime european grand gothic castle landscape with mountains
Prompt: Castle with spider banners, desert garden and blue sky, style of Tyler Edlin, fantasy
Prompt: Jagged peaks during beautiful sunrise, by Greg Rutkowski, trending on ArtStation
Prompt: by a lavish river highly detailed, in the style of leonard hale
Prompt: fantasy style pig pen landscape farming fence anime, cartoon, cel shaded, studio ghibli style, world of warcraft, final fantasy, dungeons and dragons
Prompt: landscape, powered by the moon, cartoon style, little robots and ships, a shipwreck in the back of the right upper corner
Prompt: tower on a cloud with a giant wizards hat for a roof. fantasy world
Prompt: The flat buttes forest Caves of Khndzoresk under the sharp mountain snow peaks.  green forests. Green jungle. Sharp snow peaks above flat pillers. Looking downward, view from summit, very wide shot. 

Hyperdetailed digital matte painting By John Constable, Bruce Pennington, James Gurney, Thomas Cole, Ralph McQuarrie. Epic scope, grand scale, thin trees in centered valley, grassy trees, rainforest surounded by mountains. Panoramic shot. Deep valley. Distant mountains. Close mountains. Butte Rainforest surounded by mountain peaks. Lush trees in the distance, hoodoos, sharp focus, amazing geology, stratification,
Prompt: pixel art background mountains and castle
Prompt: fantasy, concept art, sprawling town overlooking salt flats, ruined tower
Prompt: A  small fishing village in color in a fantasy setting. There should be a large keep on a hill.
Prompt: A Castle on top of a mountain iked on a hill in the style of Ross Tran and Ross Tran, on the wall on the floor arstation, 4k, concept art, artstationHQ, concept
Prompt: castle, landscape, background, Zelda, cel shaded
Prompt: landscape, video games, elder scrolls, morrowind, blades, swords, fantasy, dragons, mountains, fields, trees, retro, tall trees, river, water, color blue, color green, ariel view, blue sky, bright blue, bright green, battle, warriors, mages, wizards, witches, orcs, trolls, fantasy city in the distance, day time, bright, 80s dark fantasy film, 80s dark medieval film, 80s fantasy film, 80s medieval film, fantasy village, fantasy castle, fantasy stronghold, fantasy city, fantasy video game, townsfolk, dragons, tamriel, fantasy buildings, defined fantasy city, elder scrolls city, vvardenfell, volcano, red mountain, balmora, sedya neen, caldera
Prompt: Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy art - a marble city seen within a valley between two mountain ranges, the city should contain 6 spires and be opulent
Prompt: If the WindClan camp from Warrior cats (Warriors) was a palace in te same territory