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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 704Height: 752
Scale: 7Steps: 32
Sampler: Seed: 1745279387
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Prompt: actual photo of raptor jesus, surprise me
Prompt: Jesus standing with all glory and power, light within darkness, photorealistic
Prompt: 8K raw photo, Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, Jesus returning to earth with millions of angels behind him
Prompt: fantasy realistic art, oil painting, jesus christ
Prompt: Jesus, the redeemer, advocating for eternal life for a sad, broken, old man, 4k, hd, hyper realistic
Prompt: Realistic digital painting of Jesus sitting on the left side, traditional biblical attire, serene expression, holy aura surrounding him, warm and soft lighting, high quality, realistic, traditional, serene, holy, peaceful, warm lighting
Prompt: Realistic, highly detailed art of Jesus Christ on cross with crown of thorns on head, mountains towering behind and above, sunrise coming up over mountains, soft tones, gentle strokes
Prompt: actual photo of lobster jesus, surprise me