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Adam Tirtan

Adam Tirtan


Modern Contemporary twin house, mirrored houses, Scandinavian style, 1 storey floors, first floor is a cafe and second floor is the house, chromatic colors, realistic rendering house
Modern Contemporary twin house, mirrored houses... [more]

Negative prompt

illustration, painting, drawing, art, sketch, watermark, cropped
illustration, painting, drawing, art, sketch, w... [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V2.0
Width: 768Height: 432
Scale: 9Steps: 97
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2049949835

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Prompt: a home with artificial intelligence
Prompt: diagrammatic drawing of a 
modern house - v4
Prompt: contemporary architecture inspired by slavic traditional art, hyper realistic illustration,row house,four stroies
Prompt: Front elevation as per image floor plan
Prompt: A charming yet sophisticated modern living.
Coming soon to your neighborhood.
Prompt: modern style
Prompt: Design a Simple House in the heart of a bustling urban environment that fuses the iconic styles of Norman Foster and William Morris with a hyper-realistic interpretation of Soviet Style.

The building's exterior should feature a dynamic design that incorporates the signature elements of both Foster and Morris. The use of glass, steel, and concrete should be prominent, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements the surrounding architecture.

The building's façade should be shaped like a Soviet Style, with a rectangular base and a curved roof that slopes upwards. The booth would be sculpted from steel and glass, and the glass panels would be tinted in shades of red to represent the iconic color of London phone booths. The booth would be designed to create a sense of solidity and permanence, giving the building a strong and enduring appearance.

To complete the design, the building should be illuminated by a series of LED lights that create a warm and inviting atmosphere, showcasing the unique shape and design of the building.

The final digital illustration should be created using advanced software such as SketchUp, Rhino, or AutoCAD, and should capture the vibrant and innovative spirit of London's urban culture. The design should be hyper-realistic, highly detailed, and rendered in 8k resolution with a cinematic lighting style that showcases the unique architectural features of the building, editorial style photo, front view, british references