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cyberpunk harry potter
cyberpunk harry potter [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 20Steps: 25
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 1534904339
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Prompt: Cyberpunk 17 teenyear old in the 8th dimension in the year 3900 whoes a crime fighting legend
Prompt: Cyberpunk realistic man with abs and a opened hoodie and with kenaki mask
Prompt: neon punk male. mysterious man. insanely beautiful. perfect anatomy. symmetrically perfect face. amber eyes. hyper realistic. super detailed. soft colours. no extra limbs or hands or fingers or legs or arms. standing on the street. smooth texture. realism. smoke effects. full body.
Prompt: Portrait of {a male hacker} with {green and black} hair, {emerald green} eyes, {black and green}sweatshirt, {black}mask, {city background}, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, HD, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski
Prompt: Chainsaw man from the anime ready to kill devils, cyberpunk style, comic style, highly detailed, colourful
Prompt: please produce a concept art of a (((young man))) lost on (((a highway))) at night, anatomically correct, accurate Anatomy, ultra fine details, gloomy, dreadful, sharp focus, UHD, 8k
Prompt: attractive young scientist man auburn hair hazel eyes serious dark atmosphere solarpunk portrait realistic details futuristic greenhouse
Prompt: cyberpunk , boy , highly detailed , dynamic , concept art , lots of colours , sharp focus , infographic.
Prompt: Full face of a cyberpunk traveller, male aged 19, 65 kilos, Perfect face, perfect body, Neon future background city, Realistic, hyper-detailed, unriel ungine
Prompt: cyberpunk boy, in a city at rainy night
Prompt: Early 20's man in a cyberpunk setting, gentle smile
Prompt: Thomas Shelby with a gun
Cyber punk style. aesthetic background
Prompt: "Create a unique and original anime character with a focus on futuristic cyberpunk aesthetics. This character should be a rogue hacker living in a neon-lit dystopian city. Describe their appearance, personality, and the tools they use in their cyber adventures."
Prompt: Concept art, digital brush, Face close up, hyperdetailed, Beautiful young teen boy, (16 year old kid) (messy hair)+ ((hair covering eye))++ emo cut, lightbrownhair boy, hair, sharp gaze, blue eyes, innocent, boy model, 16 years old, hot, pretty, cute, hoodie zipper, cinematic lighting, blue sky, bright colors, blue, green, yellow, white,  luminous, hyperdetailed, great composition, professional, artstation award, (white background)++
Prompt:  chainsaw man, manga cover, lofi, neon colors, hip-hop, pop art, pastel colors, pastel painting, vaporwave
Prompt: A cyberpunk universe human, covered in augmentations. He is covered in blood of his enemies and wears a slick smile knowing he's the boss.
Prompt: Addict sitting on the ground and holding a mobile phone, realistic and detailed, cyberpunk, futuristic. Male. In the background a cyberpunk city full of colors. Realistic.
Prompt: cyberpunk edgerunner man, hooded, techwear, mask, neon background, portrait, HD, by Ilya Kuvshinov
Prompt: Early 20's man in a cyberpunk setting, surrounded by guards
Prompt: a lofi boy, well drawn, masterfully drawn, 4k, HD, cyberpunk, pfp
Prompt: Early 20's man in a cyberpunk setting, gentle smile
Prompt: comic style artwork, highly detailed Harry Potter, Hogwarts, realistic, symmetrical, Batman, Captain America, John Wick, comic book cover, symmetrical, vibrant