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Space void black hole lots of color
Space void black hole lots of color [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1710816600

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Prompt: A vibrant and mesmerizing artwork that depicts a celestial orchestra in a boundless space. The scene showcases a cosmic concert, with each member of the orchestra representing various celestial bodies. The conductor stands at the center, resembling a shimmering nebula with swirling colors. The instruments are an assortment of celestial objects, such as planets, moons, stars, and comets, each radiating with their unique glow.

The background is filled with the dazzling expanse of the universe, featuring distant galaxies and star clusters forming a celestial backdrop for the performance. Cosmic dust and colorful gases intermingle, creating an ethereal and dreamlike ambiance.

The music seems to come to life as waves of colors and shapes, resonating with the celestial harmony. The scene captures a moment of pure cosmic magic, where the universe itself comes alive in a symphony of colors, shapes, and sounds.
Prompt: realistic portrait of a Space Dwarf in the style of Lisa Frank, In the style of HR Geiger, in the style of Thomas Kinkade.
Prompt: The GUFF is The Great Unfolding Force, it is the real universe where the only true physics are existant.  The universe we are taught to be real as humans growing up is false, that universe is a simulated universe because we are in a matrix that formed naturally in the real universe, the GUFF. The point of this drawing is to make an illustration of the GUFF as it formed from the beginning of time from an empty void to evolve into an infinite series of pathways that energy passes through like a boolean series of gates, not unlike a digital microchip. Being technical geometrically as the GUFF formed from physics rules that are very geometrical due to there only being 3 dimensions in the GUFF.  To do this, theorize, envision and draw as best as you can what it would look like...van infinite void space that started out divided into infinite subdivides of voids that each had it's own center that immediately took shape into a formation that results from space trying to fit the 3 dimensional axis's of physical area by folding and forming creases which cause cornered areas surrounding it's center, which affects the neighboring subdivided formations... space unfolds and takes form as the process continues.