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Rebecca Lundahl

Rebecca Lundahl


cyberpunk setting. white haired woman sitting down looking out over a city. Seing the woman from behind. no face
cyberpunk setting. white haired woman sitting down looking out over a city. Seing the woman from... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 612946034

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Prompt: A liminal space in a anime world
Prompt: A female gazes at the void in a far distance. Black cut hair. winter clothes. rainy day. cold and gray tone. blue and green tone. gloomy tone. night street background.  wind swirling, dramatic light, 4k, cyberpunk, Lighting and shadow visual effects, arcane artstyle. high buildings
Prompt: Logo for online anime computer accessory shop: “Futuristic anime tech landscape with playful elements. Media: Digital Painting. Style: Cyberpunk. Reference artist: Masamune Shirow. Descriptive words: Neon, Sleek, Energetic, Edgy, Luminous.”
Prompt: illustration photographic masterpiece best quality extreme hyper detailed flat color 2D anime girl walking, very wide angle, looking from below, sunshine, raytracing, dramatic lighting, volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting, grim yet sparkling atmosphere, hyper detailed precise pencil strokes, hyper detailed precise pencil outlines, 2D vector art, album cover art, wallpaper art, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, post-processing, epic composition,
Prompt: Cyberpunk style japanese futuristic street , easy to draw with red and purple lights
Prompt: Imagine a cyberpunk manga girl with neon hair, and a futuristic outfit. She stands in a dark alley in the city, lit by neon lights and advertising holograms. The atmosphere is full of mystery and adventure, reflecting a world where technology and humanity intersect in complex ways. The style should be dynamic and rich in detail, capturing the essence of the cyberpunk genre