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nude, naked
nude, naked [more]
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Prompt: Dall E2 is a young gyaru with dark green hair mixed with gold and red, reaching down to her waist and curled in soft waves. Her school uniform is the traditional Japanese high school uniform, with a dark red pleated skirt and a short-sleeved white blouse with a green tie. Her green eyes mixed with orange shine with a determined and strong gaze. In her hands, she holds a shinai, a bamboo sword used in Kendo practice. Dall E2 is bent forward, leaning on her shoulder while holding the sword confidently.
Prompt: Anime is so cute
Prompt: anime girl with school girl cloths and pink hair with blue book in hand smiling . With her hair in a pony tail .Her eyes shining  green and blue . Her smile is so pretty and sweat.
Prompt: anime style, mangá style, young girl students
Prompt: What is "Gomen Yui" ? Also when it first come from ? 

First let's talk about Yui Kusano, she's Original Princess Connect Heroine from Priconne that already discontinue and now change into Princess Connect ReDive so basically before Gourmet Edifice become the main guild in ReDive Twinkle Wish is pretty much the main guild 

In Real Life
When Yui was in middle school, she was often bullied and ostracized by her peers, being either harassed or completely ignored by her classmates during social activities and group projects. Almost resigned to living her life in solitude, Yuuki reached out to her and was the only person to accept her. Yui was overjoyed and they remained as friends till the present day in Tsubakigaoka Private High School. 

Yui remains as classmates with Yuuki in high school, sitting to the right of his seat. In high school, she is a well-respected member of the class. She has managed to befriend many of her classmates such as Djeeta and even the reclusive Rin. Over the years, Yui develops a crush on Yuuki and often confides in her best friend and fellow classmate Makoto about her feelings.

Makoto or Makoto Aki is Yui Childhood Friend and Classmate in High School one of her line when Yui asked for her help is "All right! This is the moment when your childhood friend steps in to help!" And promise her that she will help Yui to capture Yuuki heart 

As story goes on rather get Yuuki to fall for Yui it become Makoto who fall for Yuuki instead and she become closer to Yuuki because she also love him. 

And the finale is in Maho Maho Kingdom (Story Event) where they become intimate and Makoto say "Gomen, Yui" knowing she fall in love to Yuuki and saying sorry that she can't root for Yui anymore cause she also fall herself 

With that event come many Priconne doujin especially with Makoto Aki usually have "Gomen, Yui" catchphrase
Prompt: Anime girl as friend
Prompt: Zerif 1male (Red side-swept hair covering his right eye) taking Haley out on a date