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Width: 552Height: 768
Seed: 1902736331
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Prompt: create ABSTRACT art, complementary colors
Prompt: Art
Prompt: mystical abstract art
Prompt: Watercolor chaos
Prompt: sunset on the mountain 
arcylic  creative abstract painting
Prompt: painting 1001
Prompt: abstract oil painting master piece,
Prompt: i
Prompt: unique blue flower that is sitting on top of a hill, mystical, paradise oilpainting
Prompt: Muted Jewel tone abstract
Prompt: Impassive, Irregular, Monochromatic (BLUE), Abstract Painting
Prompt: artwork with dark diffused colors
Prompt: Autumn rain in passionate throes, springtide rain in rhythmic waves, evocative, in the wet-on-wet watercolor style of J. M. W. Turner, with an impressionistic blur
Prompt: abstract art displaying the danger of nature
Prompt: ((Infinite Layers)) revealed in an abstract hardboard painting, expressing ((depth and emotion.)) Employ a macro lens with a ((Nikon Z5)) for detailed captures. Immerse in the artist's ((emotional)) palette. In the style of Artist ((Mark Rothko)).
Prompt: new
Prompt: Void
Prompt: Abstract painting. Flowing colors. Neutral dark greens, grey blacks, an d earth tones. Upward motion. Light and soft. Textured. Mostly white space. Rustic modern style.