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Isaiah Raedschelders

Isaiah Raedschelders


A birthday invitation for a boy who loves lego and becomes 7 years old. Date of party 28th of december. start hour 14.00
A birthday invitation for a boy who loves lego and becomes 7 years old. Date of party 28th of dec... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1115266548

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Prompt: ((A thrilling showdown between Emmet, the hero in yellow from The LEGO Movie, and Jesse, the courageous protagonist from Minecraft: Story Mode.))

((Incorporate elements of both LEGO and Minecraft into the composition for a unique cross-dimensional battle.))

Emmet and Jesse face off in an epic, dynamic clash atop a massive structure that seamlessly combines the blocky landscapes of Minecraft with the colorful and imaginative LEGO universe. The backdrop showcases a pixelated, vibrant sunset casting a warm glow over the scene ((with towering minecraft-style mountains)) and LEGO skyscrapers reaching towards the sky. ((Minecraft-style trees)) stand side by side with LEGO palm trees, reflecting the clash of worlds.

((Emmet brandishes a powerful LEGO relic, glowing with brilliant energy, while Jesse wields a legendary diamond sword from the pixelated realms of Minecraft. Their intense gazes lock, determination etched on their faces as their opponents face off.))

As the battle unfolds, blocks and LEGO bricks explode into the air, creating a mesmerizing display of colors and particles. A flock of Minecraft-style birds swoops overhead, their wings blending with the LEGO studs that rain down from the sky. Bright beams of light pierce through the clouds, showcasing the intensity of the conflict.

((In the distance, an army of LEGO mini-figures cheer on Emmet, while Minecraft villagers stand in support of Jesse.)) 

Get ready for the clash between these two iconic heroes as they bring together the imaginative worlds of LEGO and Minecraft in an unforgettable battle for victory.
Prompt: Lego build fight with guns
Prompt: birthday invitation card for three years old around theme of police car and firetrucks
Prompt: Shark Birthday invitation
Jassim is 5 years old
Prompt: a animated boys tenth birthday in Lego land with his friends
Prompt: lego world universe colorful