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monochrome, sumo match, large crowd, show, scifi
monochrome, sumo match, large crowd, show, scifi [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1623994180
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Prompt: Political Monoculture
Prompt: Design a hyper-realistic and highly detailed auditorium that blends the distinctive styles and design principles of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Oscar Niemeyer, set in the heart of a futuristic, dystopian cityscape. The building should be a bold and visually striking landmark, with a unique and memorable design that embodies the power of modern architecture and design. The exterior of the building should be made of modern, high-tech materials, featuring clean lines, geometric shapes, and a futuristic aesthetic. At the same time, the building should also have an organic, almost naturalistic feel, with a strong emphasis on curves and flowing lines, reflecting Niemeyer's influence.

The auditorium should be situated in an urban park, surrounded by lush greenery, with a cinematic lighting that enhances the overall atmosphere. The interior should be designed to maximize the acoustic and visual experience of the auditorium, with optimal acoustics and comfortable seating that creates a sense of grandeur and elegance. The digital illustration should be highly detailed, with a resolution of 8k, showcasing sparks of energy and thunder in the night sky, while still maintaining a sense of realism.

The overall goal of the building should be to create an iconic landmark that harmoniously integrates with its natural surroundings, while simultaneously standing out as a bold and futuristic symbol of modern architecture and design. The illustration should be created using Procreate, and should be meticulously detailed, with a realistic and almost photo-realistic quality
Prompt: Angle  with thousand balleyes
Prompt: Fans of soccerclub waving with Turquoise and black flags in a stadium.
Prompt: Hell
Prompt: monochrome, brutal, HR geiger, public execution, urban, city, crowd, scifi
Prompt: monochrome, gladiator arena, large crowd, show, fight, brutal, torture, scifi,
Prompt: people mass in front of a big question mark
black and white
Prompt: Realist Socialist art model revolution in Brazil
Prompt: Baseball is a sport that has existed for centuries and has its own special language. Baseball jargon is the jargon used by players, coaches, announcers, and fans when talking about the game. Over the years, baseball lingo has evolved as new trends emerge and as different generations of fans bring their own phrases to the game.
Prompt: monochrome, brutal, HR geiger, public execution, urban, city, crowd, scifi
Prompt: Nuclear fallout
Prompt: football
Prompt: What hell loks like
Prompt: Satanic Blood Orgy of Jehovah's witnesses colorful & disturbing image. HD, UHD, Perfect Faces, Perfect anatomy, Award winning
Prompt: Hitler in the sky, people are screaming
Prompt: painting 3000
Prompt: Photos in the style of andreas gursky. Thousands and tens of thousands of people in the same white tyveks suits are standing in a  lounge without empty space.
Prompt: Horror
Prompt: Nazi
Prompt: Extremely detailed Image of a satanic cult member Dark & Intense image. Aesthetically brilliant Stylized.  Everything is perfectly to scale. Award winning.
Prompt: monochrome, sumo match, large crowd, show, scifi
Prompt: People
Prompt: A color very photo realist Victorian era large crowd is facing 
toward the viewer at a stage in a theater. A man in a black suit is standing before them in the foreground.
Prompt: 8000 people crowd top view in a stadium