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Total darkness, She is a posing transparent crystal and She is Light bending in the style of Dali, gentle flames of fire, totally dark background, heart gesture with hands, 3d octane render artstation trending 8k, unreal engine
Total darkness, She is a posing transparent cry... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 50
Sampler: k_lmsSeed: 1013721630
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Prompt: orange outline horror story on black
Prompt: Create an image for a collectible card game background inspired by the element of fire. The image should feature a fiery and intense scene, dimensions 88.9mm×63.5mm, fantasy style, hyperrealistic, dynamicity, super detailed, 8k, high-quality rendering, high definition, energy flow, luminous colours, real fire representation, scorched landscape

Use the following parameters for the prompt:

Subject: card background featuring the element of fire
Color palette: Warm tones of red, orange, and yellow, with cool blues and purples for contrast
Texture: Fiery and smoky textures, with subtle textures of rocks and lava
Details: Detailed flames, sparks, and embers, with glowing hot spots and deep shadows
Resolution: 8k, aspect ratio 7:4, with a focus on the center of the image
Additional inspirations: Think of the destructive yet powerful nature of fire, and draw inspiration from the fierce creatures of fantasy worlds.

Generate an image that is visually striking and conveys the essence of the element of fire
Prompt: Man on Fire
Prompt: a hand made of ice on fire
Prompt: A flower with flames in the middle
Prompt: object on fire
Prompt: fire
Prompt: element of air
image using fractals of  translucent honey light on black
Prompt: A Fire sprite/nymph controlling flames
Prompt: element of fire
image using fractals red flame on black
Prompt: blue fire
Prompt: high definition 3d blender render of a satanic ritual, liminal space
Prompt: fire backgrounds
Prompt: Transcending space and time, shedding of carbon body for the light body,