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Prompt: fullbody shot, back view photo of a white women in a caribbean beach, windblown blonde hair, sensual walk, athletic fit body,  natural lighting, 35 mm
Prompt: Cartoon-style space scene, vibrant colors, playful
Prompt: St. John the Apostle
Prompt: Pastor Chuck Smith painted in the style of an Orthodox Icon
Prompt: Medieval dwarf woodsmen, holding axe in deep forest, dark and gritty, in the style of The Brothers Hildebrandt
Prompt: Medieval dwarf woodsman, holding axe, dark forest, dangerous, impressionist style
Prompt: Kat Dennings, bimbo, bouffant bleach blonde long hair, tan skin, big chest, tight pink dress, pouting lips, full body
Prompt: <mymodel> Kenner style action figures posed on a playset
Prompt: Venus Fire Trap with vivid-red green white and gray palette, 2d dark j horror anime style, anime scene
Prompt: Fire pokemon, cute, vibrant and fiery colors, detailed flames effect, high quality, digital painting
Prompt: Red Virus with red gray and white palette, 2d dark j horror anime style, anime scene
Prompt: snowy day selfie, beanie, snow in hair and beanie
Prompt:  release fire style , huge Chakra, from sky, kuromi
Prompt: beautiful bright gold fox champion with yellow fur and {forest green eyes}, kitsune, feral fox, nine-tailed fox, silky green and gold robe with {golden pheasant feathers}, brawny, fierce, fire element, plant element, close up, detailed background, lush lakeside mountains background, highly detailed, accurate anatomy, highly detailed face, UHD, detailed oil painting style on canvas
Prompt: Emma Stone as a nerd woman with wild frizzy hair, buck teeth, glasses, acne
Prompt: <mymodel> A card used for packaging an action figure in the style of Hasbro's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line of figures
Prompt: Waddlewing with orange-yellow cream-white and brown palette, 2d dark j horror anime style, anime scene
Prompt: <mymodel>Dark horror fantasy illustration of Xur from Destiny, deep red eye color, ominous atmosphere, detailed and menacing figure, highres, ultra-detailed, horror fantasy, intense red eyes, eerie setting, sinister and otherworldly, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: Emma Watson dressed as a evil witch, green skin, big Wild frizzy hair, Pointed nose, yellow teeth, black witches dress
Prompt:  More armor and cloon samurai
Prompt: futuristic cityscape at night, flying vehicles, vibrant neon lights, skyscrapers, bustling streets, high quality, detailed city, cool tones, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: mystic pokemon, cute and mysterious magical, whimsical, enchanting effects, highly detailed, highres
Prompt: <mymodel> complete body,
, full body visible, on bed, bedroom, wearing untied robe, white sheer robe, open robe, sheer robe, see through robe, lace robe,  transparent robe, wearing only robe, open robe, bare busom, bare chest visible,  edge of areola visible, visible  areolas, visible busom, bare busom , bare inner leg, visible inner leg,  luxurious bedroom, 1DX Mark III, Canon EF 85mm f/1.4 L IS USM Lense, shutter speed 1/125, aperture f/11.0, ISO 100, 8k, HD, photorealistic,  super-resolution
Prompt: Emma Watson dressed as a dorky nerdy geeky girl, glasses, crooked teeth, acne, greasy hair
Prompt: Cartoon rocket ship in space, vibrant and colorful, high quality, cartoon style, cosmic background, twinkling stars, glowing planets, futuristic design, dynamic perspective, playful and whimsical, vibrant color palette, dynamic lighting
Prompt: Glamour photography of woman in paris in the style of Guy Aroch, artistic portrait profile picture
Prompt: Barber shop
Prompt: Beautiful vampire woman, (age 21), pale white skin, short spiky red|black hair, vibrant yellow eyes, intricate angular face, prominent cheekbones, intense gaze, opulent, white leather jacket, no blouse, white leather slacks & boots, ((necklace with black widow spider ruby pendant)), red lipstick, sitting on a barstool in a busy crowded nightclub, 8K photo, highres, 3/4 view, detailed, gothic, vampiric, intense eyes, sleek design, professional, dramatic lighting
Prompt: cartoon cheese in a tuxedo
Prompt: A beautiful Icelandic 48-year-old woman, joyous, loving life, vibrant, toned athletic body,  long view shot of a woman with blue eyes laughing and smiling in front of the Louvre in Paris in the rain, vibrant colored casual clothes, no shoes on, jumping in puddles, full body shot, cobblestone street, 5 0 0 px models, amazement, photo render, eye-candy, a woman with blue eyes gazing longingly at the viewer, beautiful huge eyes, blue shining eyes, beautiful blue, glowing eyes, amazing eyes, beautiful light big eyes, mesmerizing blue eyes, glowing blue eyes, big blue eyes, blue piercing eyes, blue glowing eyes, tanned body, intense blue eyes, luminescent blue eyes, striking azure eyes, big beautiful blue eyes, perfect skin, no blemishes, perfect white teeth, aquiline features, detailed makeup, flawless,  hair has some blue streaks, very buxom, casually clad in vibrant colored clothes, multicolored clothes, jean shorts with colorful patches, loose fitting tank top, open long loose sweater, lots of bracelets, lots of necklaces, relaxed look, comfortable clothes, casual dress
Prompt: A slightly plump twelve years old girl dressed in red leggings and yellow t-shirt. Girl a little plump. Girl squatting near the river. Front view
Prompt: Salvador Dalí style vision, surrealist, dreamlike, precise, melting computer screens and modern tech, server tacks floating etc.