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Made by: Creative variations
Similarity: Creative
Style: Default
Width: 544Height: 768
Seed: 99402328

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Prompt: pass
Prompt: Design swastika logo city of Trojan horse city of troy egyptian madness bubonic plague
Prompt: Cooper's Mask (Title Frame) V.2 Mandala Design, Gold Slide, Copper Finish.
Prompt: glossy
Prompt: Mexican Australian Mauritian White and gold art
Prompt: tessellation square, complex intricate detail and quality, detailed, masterpiece, insanely detailed, highly detailed, perfect composition, 16k upscaled image, 8k, detailed, sexual experiment, explicit, intricate, uhd, 8k, photo, professional movie shot, photorealistic, rtx, unreal engine 5, realistic lighting, photographic reality, photorealism, high resolution photograph, 256 color scheme, well-composed, detailed, realistic, high quality, stop-motion, Nikon D3100 | ISO 450 | focal length 50 mm Sigma 50mm f1.5 | aperture f/4 | exposure time 1/250 Sec DRI, chiaroscuro, beautiful lighting, image screen grain.