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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 3072Height: 5760

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Prompt: Gothic oil painting of Fiona, dark and mysterious, detailed lace gown, hauntingly beautiful, moody atmosphere, high contrast lighting, rich and deep tones, flowing red hair, intense gaze, elegant and ethereal, intricate details, dark and eerie, oil painting, detailed gown, haunting, high contrast lighting, gothic, red hair, mysterious, elegant anime
Prompt: 25 years old woman, long dark hair, superreal, no contrast, soft shadows, sharp focus, full body shot, dark Victorian clothes
Prompt: Please produce a fantasy artwork by by Jonathon Earl Bowser and rob alexander.  #broken nose, #scarred cheek, #wild light ginger hair, #very large chest, #lord of the ring peasant dress, #dark emerald eyes, #freckles, #square jaw, #rose petal lips, Fantastic Forest landscape, photorealistic, 3D lights, hyperrealism, hyper detail, sharp, UHD, 8k,
Prompt: Mysterious woman in modest black renaissance attire, reminiscent of a mourning widow, strolling through ancient stone halls, clutching a delicate flower, singing enchantingly. Setting features torch-lit walls casting dancing shadows, built from valley stones, resonating with ancient tales. Character, Kyre Sora, the Siren Lady, exudes elegance with pale complexion, golden eyes, and flowing long hair. Atmosphere evokes epic fantasy with a touch of sadness, emphasizing beauty and grace. Intricate details in clothing and surroundings, rich in emotional depth, creating a scene of captivating melancholy and allure. Black hood and cloak. Fantasy painting, digital painting, pencil sketch.
Prompt: Create a full body, fantasy style ultra Intricate detailed mythical style "top of the world". Focused on an hyper cute young slender female random color hair woman, intricately detailed piercing blue eyes, alluring gaze, healthy Asian features and skin, red hair, proportionate cleavage, wearing an iron slave collar, wearing multi color silk robes,

Professional Photo Realistic Image, RAW, artstation, splash style dark fractal paint, contour, hyper detailed, intricately detailed, unreal engine, fantastical, intricate detail, steam screen, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution, deviantart masterpiece, splash arts, ultra details Ultra realistic, hi res, UHD, 64k, 2D art rendering, depth of field 4.0, APSC, ISO 1600, zoom 0.5
Prompt: Create a stunning portrait of an elegant warrior woman from the Napoleonic era. She wears a long dark blue coat adorned with intricate lily symbols, symbolizing grace and strength. With long flowing red hair cascading down her shoulders, she dons a black tricorne hat, adding an air of mystery and authority. In her hands, she holds an old rifle, poised for battle. The scene exudes a sense of determination and courage amidst the chaos of war. Capture the woman's regal demeanor and fierce resolve as she stands ready to face any challenge.
Prompt: Create the Image of a gorgeous young adult mountain hillbilly girl with random natural hair style and colors, perfectly detailed cute face, full luscious lips, captivating wide eyes with an alluring gaze, perfect body composition,

standing in the middle of a meadow with storm clouds on the horizon,

hyper realistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, perfect lighting and shadows.