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Phattadon Tungtrongsit

Phattadon Tungtrongsit


faceless god of darkness
faceless god of darkness [more]

Negative prompt

face [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 497367033

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Prompt: faceless, featureless god of darkness
Prompt: Underworld Breach
Prompt: Create an eerie and ominous banner for the infamous Necrothorn Darkbane, a malevolent spellcaster with necrotic powers. Incorporate symbols of death, darkness, and corruption, using deep purples, blacks, and blood-red accents. Convey a sense of foreboding and evil through the central motif, such as a twisted thorn or a skeletal hand emerging from the shadows. The banner should inspire fear and awe, representing Necrothorn's dark influence.
Prompt: A soul haunts for the living
Prompt: DarkStalker
Prompt: One male figure, a humanoids monster made of flesh and bone with red eyes, full body, in a shape of a wizard in robes, absolutely astonishing, razor-sharp focus, (masterpiece), volumetric lighting, light beams, bokeh, UHD, 16k, HDR, ((((best quality)))) beautiful detailed bright eyes glowing with infinite energy,
Prompt: an oil painting of a creature from bloodborne, amalgamation
Prompt: A Hooded Figure, best quality, masterpiece, in Lovecraftian  art style
Prompt: Grey scale image of a wraith  in flowing robes with a scythe that has a misty blade, very realistic style.
Prompt: the lord of ash, ashen one, the cidered king, the fallen one, in dark oil painting style, sombre and mysterious
Prompt: A woman in a dress and holding a dagger, stands in front of a giant one eyed monster, robes dangling from its skeletal body,
Prompt: dnd a thin and tall human man with long straight black hair and pale skin wearing a black thorn crown and a black toga god of death