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Male transformed to female dressed in nightie,his long curled hair framed his pretty face with make up. He sitting on a bed looking on a night through window.
Male transformed to female dressed in nightie,h... [more]
Model: wavymulder/portraitplus
Width: 512Height: 683
Scale: 7Steps: 100
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 1975830869

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Prompt: a beautiful young lady, elegant long hair, beautiful dress
Prompt: <mymodel>Sophia-Long curly hair, realistic oil painting, detailed strands, high definition, portrait, classic style, warm tones, natural lighting, intricate curls, flowing locks, ultra-detailed, professional, realistic, classic art, detailed texture, professional lighting
Prompt: Create an image of the most beautiful woman's face with the utmost attention to detail. The woman should have perfect facial symmetry, smooth skin, and expressive eyes that convey both intelligence and emotion. Her features should be striking and unique, with perfectly shaped eyebrows, a nose that complements her other features, and full lips that accentuate her beauty. The woman's hair should be luscious and shiny, with a style that perfectly frames her face. Use your creativity and imagination to capture the essence of beauty in a way that is visually stunning and inspiring."
Prompt: steampunk. Close-up face shot photograph of a gorgeous Romanian glamour model,, glamour makeup, professional studio lighting. long flowing voluminous copper colored hair. silky, shiny, lustrous hair by guy tang.
Prompt: Portrait of steampunk girl with dirty blond hair and caramel eyes
Prompt: create a mesmerizing image of a woman's face with symmetrical features, prominent cheekbones, captivating eyes, full and inviting lips, flawless skin, and luscious, elegantly styled hair, exuding a sense of stunning beauty and timeless allure that is impossible to resist
Prompt: beautiful woman, photorealistic, brown hair, brown eyes, soft lips, curly hair
Prompt: A pretty white woman with medium length black curly hair and brown eyes
Prompt:   edited the uploaded photo into character with beautiful hairs and clothes
Prompt: woman with long curly hair
Prompt: DESCRIPTION(wild hair) QUALITY(beautiful pandora, queen-beautiful-face, ultra-detailed) APPEARANCE(incredible detail, highly detailed, gorgeous face, pale flawless skin, detailed skin, skin texture, freckles and super small skin moles, composition, Award Winning Photo, Realistic, Peaceful, Warm Colors) TECHNICS(film photography, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed) FOCUS(close portrait, sharp focus, thematic background, close up portrait photo by Annie Leibovitz, film, ultra realistic, bokeh, sharp features) LIGH(studio lighting, light leaks) STYLE(by Artist Gustav Klimt, Highly Detailed, Lyrical Abstraction, Sōsaku Hanga)
Prompt: <mymodel>Beautiful brunette woman with makeup portrait
Prompt: high quality portrait of a hyper detailed Cinderella bending over ((nude)), hyperdetailed hair, master piece, hyperdetailed full body, hyperdetailed feminine attractive face and nose, complet body view, ((hunge breast)) ((hyper realist nipples)) ((hyperdetailed muscle)) ((hyperdetailed eyes)) ((perfect pussy)) ((hyperdetailed pussy)) ((vagina)), perfect body, perfect anatomy, ultra-realistic, 3d lighting, beauty, sensual feminine romance, professional, sensual feminine, perfect composition, unreal engine 8k octane, 3d lighting, UHD, HDR, 8K, render, HD, trending on artstation, back view, ((sexy)) anime
Prompt: An attractive young woman , long auburn curly hair, closeup
Prompt: Blonde girl
Prompt: Kodak portra 400, 8k, soft light, volumetric lighting, highly detailed, fine art portrait photography in style of paolo roversi, britt marling style 3/4 face merging with stormy clouds in metamorphosis complex 3d render, 150 mm lens, art nouveau fashion embroidered, intricate details, elegant, hyper realistic, ultra detailed, octane render, etheric, outworldly colours, emotionally evoking, head in focus, fantasy, ornamental, intricate, elegant, 8k, soft light, volumetric lighting, highly detailed, refined, highly detailed, soft lighting colors scheme, fine art photography, hyper realistic, photo realistic