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qin shi huang
qin shi huang [more]
Model: Anything V3
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1661185281
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Prompt: frog girl
Prompt: elf warrior orbe of heart girl magic wand
Prompt: Portrait of beautiful anime woman, long green hair, steampunk clothes, hazel eyes, sitting room background
Prompt: 1girl, Insanely Beautiful Knight in a Cerulean armor with a sword based on Misaka Mikoto, medium bust, (HDR, UHD, 64k, best quality, RAW photograph, best quality, masterpiece:1.5), stern, pale skin, unrealistically beautiful girl, multicolored hair, the girl blushes, random hair style, shy, embarrassed anime woman with high hips in the air, wide hips, small waist, UHD, hd , 64k, , hyper realism, Very detailed, full body, hyper realism, Very detailed, female anime, slender body, in hyperrealistic detail
Prompt: cute girl,noble clothing,princes,autdoor backgraund,forest,green hair,blueyes,
Prompt: Angle girl with a harp.
Prompt: (masterpiece), anime art, best quality, expressive eyes, perfect face, 1girl, fourteen years old girl, full body, long green hair, long hair, unbound hair, green right eye, blue left eye, heterochromatic eyes, green Magical Girl outfit, armed with a pike, strings connected to the body, strings going upward, giant hands above, black gloved hands above, strings emanating from the giant hands
Prompt: hatsune miku in a cherry blossom forest wearing a kimono
Prompt: Masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), 1girl, solo, green hair, dignfied, finely detailed, detailed face, toned face, grey eyes, beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed shading, beautifully detailed background, flowers everywhere, flower inspired,
Prompt: (masterpiece, best quality:1.2), illustration, absurdres, highres, extremely detailed, 1 elf girl, white long hair, double pigtails, green eyes, eye highlights, white dress, 
 chromatic aberration abuse, pastel color, Depth of field
Prompt: Virgo The Virgin zodiac as a 
female human, 8k, UHD,  highly detailed, close up
Prompt: Beautiful Elven woman Ranger with a bow in her hand, in a tree, green eyes, blond hair, wearing green blended leather armor, volumetric lighting, deep color, filmic, Fantasy, Elven ranger, Dungeons & Dragons Art
Prompt: Taishō era, anime girl, beautiful, 21, Japanese style outfit, 9 tailed kitsune girl, Long light green hair, orange eyes, forest background