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Ancient Egyptian God Anubis
Ancient Egyptian God Anubis [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V1.3
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1897312276
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Prompt: Viking pharaoh style front view
With name V4N_MYST3R
Prompt: The boy king Tutunkhamun and his queen Ankhsuamun at their court, surrounded by officials, super realism Ndebele renditions
Prompt: high-quality high-detail highly-detailed breathtaking exaggerated Egyptian oasis, pyramids, statutes, hieroglyphs ((by Aleksi Briclot and Stanley Artgerm Lau)) - (((Ra))) dramatic pose, ultra HD 16k,
Prompt: ((By Jabari Khalfani))
Prompt: Egyptian pharaoh viking style front view
With name V4N_MYST3R
Prompt: Create a detailed illustration of the King Tut mask, made of solid gold with a serene expression, almond-shaped eyes outlined in black, and a nemes headdress with a cobra emblem. The forehead features a vulture and a cobra forming a protective arch, while the neck is decorated with a broad collar with a falcon-headed scarab. The ears have gold earrings with a hoop and a uraeus. The illustration should capture the opulence and grandeur of the pharaoh.
Prompt: egyptian pharaon
Prompt: Amun Ra riding on a crowded New York subway car as all the people stare in shock or terror at seeing Ra there
Prompt: Amun Ra riding on a New York subway car full of passengers who are all shocked or terrified by  his unexpected presence.
Prompt: Ancient Egyptian God Horus
Prompt: ancient egypt, dark, pyramid, osiris
Prompt: Pharaon
Prompt: Ancient Egyptian God Thoth
Prompt: Egyptian pharaoh viking style front view
With name V4N_MYST3R

1. Describe Ramses' early life and how he came to ascend to the throne of Egypt.
Prompt: Egyptian viking front view
Prompt: A majestic Sci-Fi representation of the Egyptian God Horus, depicted as a Supreme Deity having human body and a falcon head, holding an high-detailed {Ankh Cross} against a ultra-detailed backdrop of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Perfect image composition, flawless futuristic style, digital art masterpiece. UHD 64K, trending on ArtStation, apply Realistic Vision, Octane 3D HDR.
Prompt: International black history month 2024 Iconic posters with the sphinx and pyramids, Zulu renditions, super realism masterpieces
Prompt: recreating the original Egyptian sphinx face