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Jezreel Ivomari

Jezreel Ivomari


At home with trees in the background. In the foreground, a hopeful candidate sits at a desk with papers, surrounded by two friends. Make the people all black.
At home with trees in the background. In the foreground, a hopeful candidate sits at a desk with... [more]

Negative prompt

b&w, monochrome
b&w, monochrome [more]
Model: AlbedoBase-XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 263634203

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Prompt: Joe Biden meets anime girls, anime style, extremely detailed painting by Greg Rutkowski and by Henry Justice Ford and by Steve Henderson
Prompt: create a cartoonish screenshot of a zoom meeting that contains the characters of brooklyn 99

Design an image that showcases the key elements and characters from the skit. The image should be colorful, vibrant, and humorous, reflecting the comedic atmosphere of the office breakroom setting. Consider including the following elements:

Characters: Depict the main characters from the skit, such as Jake, Amy, Terry, Rosa, Captain Holt, Charles, Gina, and Kevin. Each character should be easily recognizable and capturing their unique traits and personalities.

Breakroom Setting: Show a well-equipped breakroom, complete with a coffee machine, snacks, and a table where the team gathers. Add details like posters, a whiteboard with clues, and office-related items to enhance the visual storytelling.

Hilarious Moments: Illustrate some of the comedic moments from the skit. You can depict Jake and Amy triggering traps, Terry getting caught in a net, Charles chasing a donut, and Captain Holt with a guilty expression, caught in the act of sneaking snacks.

Laughter and Camaraderie: Capture the joy and camaraderie among the characters by illustrating them laughing, smiling, and enjoying the lighthearted moment. Use speech bubbles or humorous expressions to convey their amusement.

Color Palette: Utilize a vibrant and energetic color palette to enhance the lively atmosphere of the skit. Consider using bright and bold colors for the characters and the surroundings.
Prompt: Computer engineers (Asian, American and European) are around a table and productively discussing.  Some PC are on the table.  The room looks warm.  We see tall buildings thorough the window behind the table.  as children book illustration.
Prompt: <mymodel>Create a highly detailed, high quality, high resolution illustration of group of people sitting around a round table in an office room with windows and a city view on the wall. The atmosphere is casual and cooperative, like a high-tech start-up company. The office environment is meant to inspire creativity and it's people centric. The majority of people are white, but there is some ethnic diversity. 

Create the illustration in the style of a modern, digital comic-style illustration with a focus on realism, character expression, and a vibrant color palette.

Use a digital art style that is a modern, graphic novel or comic book aesthetic. The style is highly detailed and uses bold colors, with a sense of realism in the way characters are portrayed, though with certain exaggerated features typical of illustration, such as more pronounced facial expressions and sometimes stylized proportions.

The style includes line work that is clean and precise, suggesting the use of digital tools, and the style includes consistent use of high quality light and shadow which gives depth and a three-dimensional feel to the scenes and characters. The color palette is vibrant and well-chosen, often with a complementary color scheme that enhances the visual impact.

Each image seems to focus on the characters, with backgrounds that support the setting without overpowering the main subjects. The backgrounds are detailed enough to set the scene but are often more subdued in terms of color saturation and contrast, ensuring the characters stand out.

Textures in clothing and environments are well-rendered, high quality, and high resolution, contributing to the realism of the pieces. This style contains visual mediums where character expression and clear, vivid scenes are important.
Prompt: Anime style cartoon 4 Junior team members looking and working on a software development plan, some people are sited, two  female, two male, include a white, black and latino, Use a FLAT clear back
Prompt: Pop art illustration of 4-6 diverse women in their 40s, technology meeting in an office, vibrant colors, comic book style, varied body types, professional attire, diverse hairstyles, modern office setting, retro pop art style, vibrant colors, dynamic poses, technology breakthrough discussion, upbeat atmosphere, high quality, highres, colorful, diverse, retro pop art, vibrant, comic book style, varied body types, professional, modern office, dynamic poses, technology discussion, upbeat atmosphere
Prompt: Obese Trump as king with a crown on his head at his desk, too long red tie + dark-blue suit, Oval Office scene, Sergio Aragonés MAD Magazine cartoon style
Prompt: "Create an illustration of an innovative IT solutions provider based in Ghana, showing diverse teams working together to develop cutting-edge technology solutions. The scene should represent collaboration, innovation, and multiculturalism, with a focus on technology and business growth."
Innovation and Branding