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robot avatar on a transparent background
robot avatar on a transparent background [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 173556502

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Prompt: an illustration of a robot in the city, in the style of alien worlds, neo-academism, uhd image, teal and silver, steve hillier, internet academia, retro-futurism
Prompt: A character called frigidigital, electronic circuits for skin, cold, highly detailed, 8k, centered, photo realistic, dynamic lighting
Prompt: robot realistic cool
Prompt: portrait of a tough battle droid, cyborg. dark background. Photorealistic , 8k, Unreal Engine 5 , Hyper-Realistic, hot, cinematic lighting, photorealistic, Octane Render, In the Art Style of Realism
Prompt: Make face of robot , with a single-colored background, close to realism and add text name written on its jaw*Bilal Almawla* added as a sign of the factory in which this robot was produced.
Prompt: a computer generated portrait of a man with lines on his face, in the style of cybernetic surrealism, silver and red, daz3d, ornate complexity, mind-bending sculptures, striking symmetrical patterns, robotic motifs
Prompt: robot head of artificial intelligence 3d illustration, in the style of distinct facial features, dark cyan and light crimson, classicist approach, chromepunk, emotive body language, focus stacking, solarization
Prompt: warforged machine with wood and stone, non metal male looking, blue trim and glow, mainly dark grey | ultra-fine details, intricate scene, ambient lighting, soft glow, elegant, 16, symmetrical facial features, accurate anatomy, sharp focus, final fantasy cgi still, artgerm, taken on nikon d750, scenic, gossamer, iridescent, ethereal, auroracore, vaporwave, splash art, pixiv, tumblr instagram
Prompt: A polished, metallic android with a gleaming surface stands illuminated. Its intense blue eyes radiate an otherworldly glow, set against a backdrop of vertical digital rain patterns reminiscent of coded data streams.
Prompt: digital art of an alien, 16k , helmet, dark eyes , desert background, hyper realistic 4 d model
Prompt: Futuristic killer humanoid robot, metal texture, high quality, realistic
Prompt: Human robot
Prompt: A unisex robot in human form, made from gemstones, portrait, 3d art
Prompt: i will serve AGI
Prompt: the image is showcasing a cyber robot on motion and light, in the style of strong facial expression, airbrush art, silver and black, fashwave, superheroes, captivating gaze, datamosh
Prompt: Ultrarealistic 8k Portrait of futuristic alien in liquid filled test-tube Unreal Engine
Prompt: A 3D render showcasing a sophisticated robot in the vast darkness, its sleek white design illuminated by neon-orange glows. The image focuses on the complex detailing of pulsating lights and tubular structures, enhancing the robot's intelligent and mysterious aura.
Prompt: the average adult robot
Prompt: An advanced, artificially intelligent android with reptilian looking features
Prompt: detailed realistic photoreal ((closeup)) of handsome [robot|cyborg|man] with fiber optic hair in front of an iridescent incandescent background, bright eyes on fire, (pastel color) flames and art by alphonse mucha, greg rutkowski, gaston bussiere
Prompt: a woman in robots and gear with a sword, in the style of dark cyan and bronze, surreal cyberpunk iconography, hyperrealistic murals, indian pop culture, ritualistic masks, 3d, vibrant illustrations
Prompt: alien humanoid, galaxy skin, white hair, female,
Prompt: Android, Fate, AI, oil painting, artistic expression, OpenArt, ChatGPT, MidJourney, DOLLI, OpenAi, Detroit Become Human Marcus Painting
Prompt: Extremely detailed portrait of  cyberpunk alien cops with blue skin color, extremely detailed  cyberpunk city background , 8k, high quality, concept art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, hyper detailed
Prompt: Make me a face of robot and have a name ( Bilal Almawla ) added as a sign of the factory in which this robot was produced
Prompt: Cancer as a male human, 8k, UHD,  highly detailed, close up
Prompt: Would you please generate a 4K image including 5 androids in a corporate environment, connected by Ethereum blockchain smart contracts