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Big grey robot alien, metallic texture, glowing neon accents, sci-fi, futuristic, detailed mechanical components, highres, cyberpunk, cool tones, atmospheric lighting
Big grey robot alien, metallic texture, glowing... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1236848399
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Prompt: Sci-fi, starfinder, space faring, android, robot, hard light projected face,
Prompt: cyberpunk mummy, technological modifications, in full view
Prompt: A futuristic humanoid robot with a glossy black exterior is adorned with intricate orange lighting and details. Its head features an illuminating blue eye, resembling a high-tech visor, and its body glistens with mechanical intricacies set against a dimly lit backdrop.
Prompt: Male cyberpunk android, cyberpunk, neon and metalic parts, futuristic, more robotic seeing parts in body
Prompt: ToxicPunkAI techwear jacket,, bubbles, melt, detailed, intricate, best quality, upper body, close-up of a fantastic looking cyborg man, with neon inserts with glass and metal, in glossy color with elegant details, porsalanic skin,HDR, ray tracing, rich details of light and shadow, outside, extremely detailed,  looking in the camara , One eye is distinctly human, while the other is a bright, luminous blue digital eye, representing the fusion of humanity and technology. Embedded circuits and wires run across its skin, merging seamlessly with its human features. The skin could have a metallic sheen, catching and reflecting faint neon glows from its surroundings.
Prompt: <mymodel> beautiful alien from another world where tech to them as is meat to us earthlings
Prompt: fantchar, a translucent ethereal alien with delicate features in a sci-fi setting, glowing from within, sparks and lights, moonlight, moon, close-up, realistic, highly detailed, intricate
Prompt: An advanced, artificially intelligent android  cop with arachnid looking features
Prompt:  biopunk, mutant, dark fantasy, retro style, alien style, juan gimenez art, intricate details, high detail, 4k resolution, dynamic lighting, photorealistic   cinema