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high quality, beautiful girl, instagram model, full front, neon lights, cyber punk style
high quality, beautiful girl, instagram model,... [more]

Negative prompt

deformed, ugly, mutilated, disfigured, distorted, warped, text, extra limbs, face cut, head cut, extra fingers, extra arms, poorly drawn face, mutation, bad proportions, bent, cropped head, malformed limbs, mutated hands, fused fingers, long neck, lowres, error, cropped, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, out of frame, watermark, signature
deformed, ugly, mutilated, disfigured, distorte... [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1268659850
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Prompt: ultra detailed artistic photography, girl wear earphone rgb, in the gaming room, artstation, hd, dramatic lighting, detailed gorgeous face, dreamy, glowing, backlit, glamour, glimmer, shadows, oil on canvas, brush strokes, smooth, ultra high definition, 16k, unreal engine 5, ultra sharp focus, art by alberto seveso, artgerm, loish, sf, intricate artwork masterpiece, ominous, matte painting movie poster, golden ratio, trending on cgsociety, intricate, epic, trending on artstation, by artgerm, h. r. giger and beksinski, highly detailed, vibrant, production cinematic character render, ultra high quality