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Illustrate a broad frame that brings to life a face bathed in pure white, with textures that echo the appearance of aged, crumbling paint. The serene demeanor, emphasized by closed eyes, merges with the peeling textures, suggesting a narrative of fragility and the impermanence of beauty.
Illustrate a broad frame that brings to life a... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: abstract figure in a black and white image, in the style of technological marvels, emphasis on facial expression, daz3d, circuitry, computer-aided manufacturing, realistic depictions of human form, symbolic overload
Prompt: white metallic humanoic face emerge from the white paint
Prompt: a black and white drawing of a woman's face, driftwood sculpture, intricate manga drawing, ash thorp, tattered clothes, wiry, made of cardboard, she has a distant expression, made of wire, half - electric striking woman, scribbled
Prompt: Artwork, Woman, Split diagonally , dark below, light above, perfect composition, realistic face, hyper realism, abstract brush background, painting
Prompt: girl face 3d made of crystal tiles
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face broken in half by rocks, showcasing futuristic realism, poured paint aesthetics, darkly detailed features, chic illustrations, fragmented figures, and graceful sculptures, all presented in a cracked style.
Prompt: liquid heads trying to escape from eachother, white on black
Prompt: Womans face in black and white portrait but her eyes in color close up shot
Prompt: Electronic artwork by the planet's premier digital creator, inspired by abstract geometric fantasies, misted paint effects, calm countenances, mesh layout, rich turquoise and ivory tones, striking silhouettes, female motifs
Prompt: photo taken with fuji superia, 8k, wet sinusoidal dripping lines, 100 stripes, porcelain doll, bald, human, frozen crackles, dew, face art, fractalalia eyes, fractal hair, face muscles, portrait, skin texture, quilling, soft light, golden hour, creepy beautiful
Prompt: Illustrate a broad scene that delves deep into the soul of a face painted in spectral white. The surface is marked by textures reminiscent of historic artworks weathered by time. The calm demeanor, with eyes gently shut, stands in stark contrast to the eroding textures, weaving a narrative of beauty's fragility in an ever-changing world.
Prompt: face made of micro silver beads falling apart
Prompt: concrete cracking open paint dripping out
Prompt: white metallic humanoic face emerge from the white paint
Prompt: vector 3d disco pattern entities::1 on the gray concrete wall come alive
Prompt: Wide ratio UHD image of a creative woman with a face fractured in a rock face, showcasing darkly atmospheric, smooth gradient-like techniques, cracked aesthetics, metallic etherialism, highly stylized figures, and surrounded by rusty debris.
Prompt: the face of a woman is shown completely in pieces, in the style of ultra detailed, liquid metal, fragmented icons, 3d, monochrome portraits, cubist shattered planes, josh adamski
Prompt: Photo of a woman's face, reconstructed in 3D using fractal methods. The style is reminiscent of melancholic symbolism, with the texture of cracked stone. The face is fragmented into puzzle-like sections, evoking deep humanistic empathy. The entire piece is presented in black and white, with a sense of weight or draping.
Prompt: white metallic humanoid face emerge from the white paint
Prompt: dissolving angel faces looking down at me, pop surreal
Prompt: Wide image of a 3D-reconstructed woman's face using fractal techniques. The portrayal is steeped in the essence of melancholic symbolism. The face resembles cracked stone sculptures, assembled from puzzle-like segments. The artwork conveys humanistic empathy in a stark black and white palette, with elements appearing slumped or draped.
Prompt: In a wide format, a woman's face emerges, reconstructed in 3D through fractal methodologies. The design is imbued with the mood of melancholic symbolism, with the face bearing resemblances to cracked stone statues, pieced together like a puzzle. The scene exudes humanistic empathy, rendered in a monochromatic black and white, showing elements of slumping and draping.
Prompt: 3d a girl with her head covered in grey, in the style of detailed fantasy art, cracked, white and azure, detailed nature depictions, pale palette in wide ratio
Prompt: Wide ratio image capturing the essence of a woman of Hispanic descent, her face artistically fractured and blended with a rock, emphasizing metallic etherialism, cracked visuals, highly stylized figures, and complemented by rusty debris.
Prompt: a close up of a puzzle piece with a woman's face, a jigsaw puzzle, inspired by Igor Morski, trending on pixabay, digital art, beautiful decay, portrait of a mechanical girl, covered in dirt, many pieces, 5 0 0 px models, post process in photoshop, carson ellis, portait photo profile picture, facial portrait, by greg rutkowski