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Laboratory for food research
Laboratory for food research [more]

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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 432
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1728889782

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The chemistry lab, a tall room filled with various chemical apparatus and equipment.
Prompt: Transdermal Patch Manufacturing Factory
Prompt: A photo of a room in the 90s which is a lab and have old PCs. Image size should be in FullHD
Prompt: Game development studio
Prompt: A biology lab, a bioreactor
Prompt: Macro shot of a pharmaceutical laboratory, showcasing the production of life-saving medicines, sterile environment, scientific precision, lab equipment, medical innovation, pharmaceutical industry, health and well-being, Deep contrasts, low-key lighting, and strong chiaroscuro effects, Moody atmosphere and high level of detail, Art by Lucas Thompson and Emily Foster
Prompt: cloning labs cloning babies underground
Prompt: Sustainable Novel Extraction Techniques for Plant Protein EXTRACTION from Food Industry Waste and Byproducts
Prompt: vaccine storage
Prompt: Information on Dental Laboratory Supplies for products discount
Prompt: handheld cam footage in the backrooms, scary
Prompt: highly detailed futuristic modern laboratory, 4 k render, studio lighting, , large space, large light
Prompt: Backrooms
Prompt: Breathtakingly detailed stylized Image of meth lab in a basement smoky ambience with ominous vibes. vibrant colorful striking image. Aesthetically Brilliant. Everything is perfectly to scale. Everything in perfect focus. HD, UHD, 4k, Award winning.
Prompt: 3d lab blue colour center perspektive
Prompt:  How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Unexpected Disasters
Prompt: show room pour isolation thermique et phonique implique nécessairement l’isolation de la toiture, l’isolation entre les doubles cloisons, l’isolation sous carrelage … Pour cela, Isolaya commercialise une large gamme de produits :

 Gamme industrielle :

-Laine céramique en vrac & Matelas      

-Tresses en fibre céramique & en fibre de verre      

-Tissus en fibre céramique & en fibre de verre      

-Laine de roche grillagée      


-Papier céramique      

 Gamme bâtiments :

-Laine de verre.      

-Laine de roche.      

-Panneaux de couverture (toiture & bardage) en polycarbonate.      

-Panneaux de couverture toiture en PVC.
Prompt: An electrical station
Prompt: zoom photo of notebook in a laboratory bench,  professional photograph of {scenery}, highly detailed, with laboratory beakers, stirrers and a scale,  natural lighting, vivid colors, everything in sharp focus, HDR, UHD, 64K. Formal, artistic, realistic, Aspect 16:9
Prompt: photo of a modern laboratory which got detroyed by aliens
Prompt: minimalist futuristic laboratory in a barn, solarpunk, scientist, biology, clean, tropical island, storage, interior, luxury, realistic details, photorealistic, 8k render, cinematic lighting, ultra detailed
Prompt: A picture of a steampunk laboratory, dark lighting, bronze and brass colours, machinery and gears, visible steam and boilers
Prompt: Florist backroom, garden tools, stockroom, fridges cooler, chemical buckets, watering hose, office desk, secret back door, unsettling, uncanny valley