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Christine Graves

Christine Graves


Wendy from Peter Pan
Wendy from Peter Pan [more]
Model: Deliberate
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1284580267
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Prompt: pippi longstocking as a young girl with light blonde hair and light blue eyes wearing a beautiful russian dress, symetric face
Prompt: Wendy from Peter Pan
Prompt: a realistic feminine princess, Rapunzel, but with red hair, HD
Prompt: a realistic feminine princess, Rapunzel, but with red hair, HD
Prompt: hypermaximalist, fine details, vivid, princess anastasia disney as anime red hair
Prompt: ((An image of Penny from Stardew Valley)) dressed in a demure outfit, showcasing her kind and alluring presence. The scene is set in a dynamic live-action environment, with attention to detail in capturing her charismatic expressions and the intricate design of her attire.
Prompt: oil painting, D&D fantasy, young green-skinned-goblin girl, green-skinned-female (tiny petite body), beautiful face, very cute, mischievous grin, short fiery red hair, pigtails, pointed ears, fangs, looking at the viewer, wearing adventurer's outfit #3238, UHD, hd , 8k eyes, detailed face, big anime dreamy eyes, 8k eyes, intricate details, insanely detailed, masterpiece, cinematic lighting, 8k, complementary colors, golden ratio, octane render, volumetric lighting, unreal 5, artwork, concept art, cover, top model, light on hair colorful glamourous hyperdetailed medieval city background, intricate hyperdetailed breathtaking colorful glamorous scenic view landscape, ultra-fine details, hyper-focused, deep colors, dramatic lighting, ambient lighting god rays, flowers, garden | by sakimi chan, artgerm, wlop, pixiv, tumblr, instagram, deviantart
Prompt: Wendy from Peter Pan
Prompt: create the avatar face of a female artist  years old 
from greece with blonde medium curly hair  , 
with black eyebrows, with beautiful face like christine efstathiou or irene pappa, sweet and smily, hair tied back . happy sweet face , and attractive , with little nose , big eyes, rectangle face,
like irene pappa greek actress. very very beautiful and sweet. 45 years old artist , author and painter, naturallism , pretty, enchaging