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Ronaldo [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V3.0
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 99577430
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Prompt: Ronaldo
Prompt: beautiful photograph of most beautiful fictional, extremely, detailed environment, intricate, detailed skin, natural colors , professionally color graded, photorealism, 8k, moody lighting.
Prompt: Handsome young man, (20 year old man) (beard) (messy hair)+ ((hair covering eye)) ((full body)) ((muscular))++ emo cut, lightbrownhair boy, hair, sharp gaze, hazel eyes , model,  20 years old, hot, pretty, cute, hoodie zipper, cinematic lighting, blue sky, bright colors, blue, green, yellow, white,  luminous, hyperdetailed, great composition, professional, artstation award, (white background)++
Prompt: photo realistic portrait of {japanese handsome young male}, centered in frame, facing camera, symmetrical face, ideal human, 85mm lens,f8, photography, ultra details, natural light, light background, photo, Studio lighting
Prompt: Cristiano Ronaldo looking into an camera
Prompt:  a handsome young man aged 35 years with dark curls,4k,  facial closeup
Prompt: Youn man, 18 years old, surrounded by lightning, Beautiful, detailed face, full lips, small nose, freckles, curly hair, black hair, action shot portrait, High angle view, Ultra-Wide Angle, extremely detailed, intricate detail, fine detail, careful detail, Spiritual lighting, Aura, Chakra, LSD, colorful
Prompt: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr
Prompt: Create the ideal type of Abkhaz man with flawless lips, most beautiful dentition, symmetric nose, most beautiful eyes and lashes, perfect face.
Prompt:  brazilian indian, afro, detailed eyes, realistic drawings, very realistic eyes, real depth, perfect lighting, all geometrically right, proportionate face,strong athletic body, detailed realistic body, strong muscles, full body, body art, full, photo realistic, realistic, very real, ultra real, full body photo, body, presence, geometrically proportioned, stylish, perfect, fibonacci, image whole,,focus on object, camera focus on object, full body shot,
Prompt: Kilyan Mbappe in Real Madrid
Prompt: A white brazilian guy standing
Prompt: Cristiano Ronaldo, cinematic, realistic, photoreal, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed
Prompt: boy hero
Prompt: Ronaldo
Prompt: Create the ideal type of Abkhaz man with flawless lips, most beautiful dentition, symmetric nose, beautiful eyes and lashes, perfect face.
Prompt: 18 years old, punk boy, bolivian mestizo, latin skin, brown eyes, mullet haircut, black hair, skinny body, punk style, looks like a mix between Oliver Sykes and Devon Bostick.