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Shaurya Bisht

Shaurya Bisht


moody lighting, characters 8K symmetrical, artstation, cinematic lighting, intricate details, 8k detail post processing
moody lighting, characters 8K symmetrical, arts... [more]
Model: SG161222/Realistic_Vision_V2.0
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 416325431
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Prompt: A large ornate hall in a palace in night  europe
Prompt: secret society, traveling Persia or India, main hall, mansion, stairs, top down view, candles, simbols,  vibrant, grim, romantic, hystorical, intricate details, hyperdetailed, 4k, painting, trending on artstation, cinematic, wide shot
Prompt: concept art of a dark victorian corridor, at night, gloomy, perfect lightning, accurate furniture, ultra fine details, very fine details, intricate scene, highly realistic, gloomy, gothic, dreadful, trending on Artstation and Unreal Engine, 4K
Prompt: Gothic onyx castle interior, wine-colored lighting, grand chandeliers, intricate details, high contrast, dark and moody, gothic architecture, luxurious furnishings, ornate decor, best quality, highres, ultra-detailed, dramatic lighting, gothic, opulent, regal, dark tones, wine-colored lights, detailed textures, atmospheric lighting, castle hallway, neon wine lights, block glossy onyx, vampire castle hallway
Prompt: beautiful ancient marble staircase with dry ice mist flowing down the stairs, mist wisps and vortices, marble, jade, celadon, cracked marble pillars, abandoned castle, beautiful deep aqua pool of water, melting, dripping, moist, damp, dewy, running water, waterfall, waterfalls, cracking, reflective pool of water, overgrown and decaying, vines, ivy, moss, small plants growing through cracks, motes of dust, hyperrealistic, area lights, volume lights, rising mist, raytraced, octane render, specular reflections, GI, photorealistic rendering, extra detail, vorticity --ar 9:16
Prompt: Satanic Temple of the Holy Ghost. interior .detailed . Blood fountains. No humans. Artistic.
Prompt: gigeresque monster's mouth church interior, desaturated purples, meat and bones, crystal hanging lamps, high detail filigree pillars
Prompt: masterpiece, steampunk building full of outdoor plants indoor vision, Nikon D85, Cinestill 800, f1. 6, Rich and vibrant colors and photographic film | depth of field | Realistic texture and impressive details | Dramatic lighting to highlight the scene. | Vibrant contrast to enhance the elements, Inspired by Zaha Hadid , renzo piano & PATRICK BLANC