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Ocean and Underwater: Create intricate underwater scenes with marine life, corals, and seascapes, allowing colorists to experiment
Ocean and Underwater: Create intricate underwat... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1888047661
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Prompt: An big aquarium filled with blue fishes and many, many sea animals, extremely detailed, realistic, cute, Krenz Cushart + loish +gaston bussiere +craig mullins, j. c. leyendecker +Artgerm.
Prompt:  In the midst of a vibrant underwater landscape, a picturesque scene unfolds that mirrors the iconic Disney style, known for its vivacious colors and exaggerated, yet endearing features. The coral formations take center stage, characterized by their grandeur and fantastical shapes, resembling towers in an underwater castle. Nestled amongst the corals, an array of sea creatures like playful dolphins with expressive eyes, goofy octopuses, and a community of smiling fish create a bustling, yet harmonious underwater society.

The art style heavily leans on the animated, Disney-esque approach, where each element in the picture carries a certain charisma, brought to life with sweeping lines and a cartoonish flair. The sea animals have human-like expressions, engaging in activities that mirror a joyful and bustling community. It's like a frame plucked straight from a Disney animation, promising adventure and camaraderie in the heart of the ocean.

The lighting in this composition leans towards a magical morning light filtering through the water's surface, casting a beautiful and ethereal glow on the entire scene. This lighting creates a beautiful contrast between the lively colors of the corals and the sea creatures, highlighting their vibrant hues and casting mesmerizing shadows that add depth to the entire scenario.

--ar 16:9 --s 300
Prompt: Ocean and Underwater: Create intricate underwater scenes with marine life, corals, and seascapes, allowing colorists to experiment
Prompt: marine colony, colourful great barrier reef, neon colours, mesmerising, photorealistic, 4k, vivid.
Prompt: create an image with lots of different corals in the ocean. Preferably show the corals from the little top and side, and the interface between ocean water and air.
Prompt: Vibrant and colorful art of an underwater kingdom of mermaids, with long, flowing hair and tails that shimmer in the sunlight. Coral reefs with bright colors and intricate patterns. Sunken ships covered in barnacles and seaweed. Fish of all shapes and sizes swimming among the coral. Sharks, whales, and other large sea creatures in realistic detail.
Prompt: under sea,  fade, buffed, beautiful,  bright,   serene, marine life,  seascape, beautiful