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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 576Height: 384
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Prompt: Wavy Bright Purple on Lime Backdrop with Blue Glow
Prompt: neon grainy thermographic gradient background, halftone blur, neon Trick-or-treat palette
Prompt: abstract art
Prompt: Acryllic pour triadic colors
Prompt: fluid green waves-wavy, on yellow backdrop
Prompt:  Imagine a canvas filled with vibrant colors and dynamic shapes, where lines dance and swirl in an exquisite symphony. Create a high-quality work of abstract art that explores the concept of interconnectedness. Let your AI brush glide across the canvas, guided by the ethereal energy flowing through the universe. Use bold strokes to convey the interconnected nature of all things, weaving a tapestry of harmony, chaos, and serendipity. Allow the colors to blend and bleed into one another, capturing the essence of unity in diversity. Surprise and mesmerize the viewer with a composition that evokes a sense of wonder, inviting them to ponder the invisible threads that bind us all.
Prompt: Trippy abstract purple
Prompt: Psychedelic art, galaxy,
Prompt: neon style out of this world art
Prompt: colourful abstract
Prompt: Freeform ferrofluids, beautiful dream chaos, swirling soft colors frequency --ar 3:4 --iw 9 --q 2 --s 1250
Prompt: Create an abstract image representing the potential of renewable energy sources. Use swirling greens, yellows, and blues to embody the energy derived from wind, solar, and water.
Prompt: A visually striking representation of an intense anxiety attack, ((incorporating vivid colors, swirling patterns, and distorted shapes)), with the individual at the center of the image, surrounded by a suffocating darkness. The person's body language should convey a sense of panic and distress, with trembling hands, rapidly beating heart, and a fearful expression. The background could include fragmented thoughts or overwhelming thoughts swirling around, ((highlighted by glitch effects)). The overall composition should evoke a feeling of unease and discomfort, capturing the overwhelming nature of an anxiety attack.