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A painting of native south American tribe sitting around a ancient gundam growing into a colossal tree
A painting of native south American tribe sitti... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1268922219
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Prompt: Atomic knights
Prompt: Weird colorful teddy bears, nuclear wasteland, assembly line, cloning, mech, guns, hyper detailed, very colorful
Prompt: fairies chasing orcs with spears
Prompt: Severe Brakage, Climate Change, Unearthing God's Revenge
Prompt: Interpretation of Gaia as an industrial goddess ruling over industry
Prompt: full-frame watercolor painting of a fantasy town inside a giant tree, holes in tree, dim light, visible sun spots, towers, bridges
Prompt: fantasy art style, dystopian, biological mechanical war machine, ant eggs, ants, fire ants, giant ants, bullet ants, aliens, outer space
Prompt: Death Guard (Warhammer 40k) at the style of Roger Dean.
Prompt: <mymodel>pit of hell
Prompt: <mymodel>mech suit warrior in outerspace
Prompt: fantasy detailed baroque illustration battle Holy Empire Space Marines, giant battle, hand-to-hand, planet, sky, grim dark, brutal, grimy, golden, dual star, molten, roman, byzantine, Ecumenopolis, army, space force, ultra humans, giant robot weapons
Prompt: Nuclear wasteland, strange monsters, fighting for survival, time is running out, hyper detailed, photorealistic, spaceship, cyberpunk, mech, firing missiles, hyperdetailed, battle mage fighting a dragon
Prompt: A hyper detailed painting of Satans and his Legion of 1000 Hyper realistic Demons yelling loudly ,with a ww2 style battle ruined city in flames as a back ground in 8k
Prompt: a landscape painting of a colossal hollow tree, sheltering Native Americans taking refuge from a rainstorm within its ancient branches. By Clark Kelley
Prompt: <mymodel>Surrealism on Steroids" is a detailed fantasy (painting by artist Otto Rapp 1.5) at the Cryptid Taxidermy Museum, design by Max Ernst, by H.R. Giger, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Hieronymus Bosch, Alphonse Mucha, intricately detailed, hyperrealism, fantasy, Bogomils Universe, imperial color
Prompt: warhammer 40k titan destroying paris
Prompt: a samurai attacking an orc, surrounded by an army of goblins, wide area illustration, 2d illustration, fantasy, anime, landscape, dark colors, watercolor
Prompt: Beautiful female angel of death, strong male warrior, embracing, radiation, Chernobyl, green, gothic, stalker, tattoos, cyberpunk, mech, red fire