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Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle


image to bring up the idea cyberspace. Maybe swirly image stretching far away composed squares, maybe some marked 0 and 1 The distant point should spiral away getting smaller and smaller till it is just a point of light
image to bring up the idea cyberspace. Maybe swirly image stretching far away composed squares,... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1848777798

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Prompt: very mystical and powerful blue energy source in the context of batteries for electric vehicles. symbolic of a battery cell, minimalist design, esoteric and metaphorical, reflecting basic supernatural processes on a black background. Like a science diagram, with spark in center connected by a thread of energy to an icon of an electric delivery truck
Prompt: Vibrant stock chart. Moving up and down. Where is it gonna go? Red and green arrows. Sensational 

 {{{{highest quality concept art masterpiece in the style of Kayawoo }}}, night setting,  digital drawing oil painting, 128k UHD HDR, Holographic background, hyperrealistic intricate, graphic comic (HDR, UHD, 64k, best quality, RAW photograph, best quality, masterpiece:1.5,Ultra realistic high definition .  {{{{highest quality concept art masterpiece}}}} digital drawing oil painting, 128k UHD HDR, hyperrealistic intricate. Unreal engine 5
Prompt: domain expansion: Quantum Enigma
Prompt: Colorful vortex opened by sound waves and color textures, vibrant and dynamic, digital art, swirling patterns, high energy, neon colors, vibrant textures, high quality, digital art, dynamic, abstract, colorful, vibrant, energy, swirling patterns, digital textures, sound wave-inspired, immersive lighting
Prompt: 2808, (Dn3V), Floppy Gloss, Roar of Unreal Quarter, LSD Visual
Prompt:  Imagine a groundbreaking AI art project called "Dreamscapes," where AI collaborates with artists from around the world to create mesmerizing and immersive artwork.
Prompt: the void of feeling, the absence of care , life threatening to implode --style raw