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computer company cover photo without text
computer company cover photo without text [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 513227170
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Prompt: Dark environment, a computer screen sucking all light to the inside. There is a hand trying to get out of the computer
Prompt: Digital native
Prompt: a perfect hackerlab with all the latest news in cyber theme Wallpapper hologram, oled if possible with all the latest news in high resolution with great features. majbe some kali linux terminal application in backround in holo, transparent
Prompt: i just started school and iam teking this class multimedia system, and my first lab is 
search the internet and answer these 4 questions, which means 
1. what is multimedia system
2. what is software system
3. what is hardware system 
and create it in the photoshop with design. so do me favor give me background pictures
Prompt: A guy in a helmet and a combination with a sphere in his hands, sits on a chair, behind the monitors with graphs, cyberpunk, logo, symmetrical, blue colors with electric discharges, high quality
Prompt: Dark room with just a computer
Prompt: Reapir computer and install operating system ( WIndows & linux)
Prompt: the ultimate problem solver, whether it's debugging a computer glitch
Prompt: a picture of a demand planner using a huge futuristic pc
Prompt: Institute for data science and Cyberinfrastructure
Prompt: Cyberinfrastructure, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
Prompt: Design a wallpaper use in computer training
Prompt: automation of workflows and processes with computer and some schema
Prompt: internet becoming  aware of data dignity of internet data collective sensibility
Prompt: sensor based technology
Prompt: banner, futuristic, computer network, software
Prompt: evoking 
the future of computer science
Prompt: a nerd guy who is writting code in a dark mode ultra wide monitor
Prompt: a music conductor directing a bunch of computers
Prompt: the importance of software application development
Prompt: A person who works in the field of programming
Prompt: computer and language
Prompt: Man using computer and programming to break code. Cyber security threat
Prompt:  Coding
Prompt: Blockchain structure in futuristic digital art, detailed and intricate network, glowing technological nodes, high-tech data visualization, sleek and professional design, ultra-detailed 3D rendering, futuristic, digital art, blockchain, high-tech, intricate detail, advanced technology, glowing nodes, sleek design, professional, futuristic lighting
Prompt: A software developer in the digital abyss