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visions from a traumatized AI
visions from a traumatized AI [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1137531581
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Prompt: Roko's Basilisk, cyborg, terrifying, horror, dark atmosphere, facing camera, center-frame, AI, cyberpunk, digital snake, obscured by computer code
Prompt: benevolent deity by jeffrey smith and wlop and gustave dore, featuring bright colors, circuitry, code, binary, cryptonomicon, dmt entity, ambient occlusion, 3 d concept render, scientifically accurate, artstation, intricate, beautiful, look at that detail!
Prompt: psychedelic artwork, baptist, and prayer, in the style of , machine age aesthetics, whimsical cyborgs, ricoh ff-9d, pixelated, made of wire, ps1 graphics
Prompt: Horror, Eerie, Spooky psychedelic 
 cinematic, Nebula, 3D, HD, {Goddess}liquid gold, expansive metallic background, supernova, freeform dark chaos, hyper realistic, 8K --s98500
Prompt: How OpenArt AI sees itself
Prompt: Person dies and becomes one with everything.
Prompt: entities are being transformed into intricate patterns of scan lines
Prompt: a digital piece of art depicting a man with his head covered in bubbles, in the style of mechanized abstraction, david welker, hans bellmer, pixelated chaos, trompe-l'œil illusionistic detail, bryce 3d, figura serpentinata
Prompt: Wide render of a 3D person of Hispanic descent with maze-like designs on their forehead, blending the themes of interference patterns and neon-lit art nouveau. The strong facial expression is the highlight amidst the symmetrical surreal surroundings.
Prompt: An AI
Prompt: A surreal psychedelic painting, DMT visuals, psychedelic effects, pineal gland, masterpiece, 4k, 8k, ultra realistic, super realistic, ufo, alien
Prompt: head exploding on DMT
Prompt: Hypnotic illustration of a Alien, hypnotic psychedelic, pop surrealism, dark glow neon paint, mystical, Behance
Prompt: Artificial Intelligence Music Composer gold green
Prompt: Suffer with the Ukrainian nation. Anthropomorphism, super detailed digital art, 3D elements.  poly-hydro-morphism, neo-geo, sci-fi, photorealism. Fibonacci based composition.
Prompt: Ai