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Generate an image that contains Lord shree krishna and Lord shiva within the same body half and half and one is in warrior mode and another is in calm
Generate an image that contains Lord shree kris... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1797418691
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Prompt: Lord Krishna and the universe
Prompt: Beautiful mata parvati sitting on handsome and almighty Lord  shiva's lap. He is holding her by the waist.
Prompt: Krishna having jalebi 
in hand in place of sudarshan chakra
Prompt: A twitter profile picture for a hindu man.
Prompt: Surrealist digital painting of a serene yogini swimming gracefully in the sky, dreamlike and vibrant colors, flowing yoga attire with celestial motifs, mystical floating lotus flowers, surreal surrealistic, peaceful and ethereal, high quality, ethereal surrealism, vibrant colors, flowing attire, celestial motifs, lotus flowers, serene, dreamlike, yoga, graceful swimming
Prompt: Hindu god visnu
Prompt: Lord Shree Krishna , blue skin, deep eyes, lotus petal like eyes, masculine physique, God.
Prompt: Bollywood actors as Krishna
Prompt: Om namah shivaya
Prompt: create lord krishna image with full of peacock feathers photo realistic hd image
Prompt: Make lord vishnu 10 avtar named Kalki according to hindu granths
Prompt: Lord Vishnu  holding Lotus in one hand with royal look realistic landscape photography
Prompt: Krishna Kant goswami
Prompt: astroism Vishnu
Prompt: Krishna Christ Buddha
Prompt: Lord Krishna playing flute on one astral plane, energy emanating as a Jesus Christ latter day saints baptism ceremony
Prompt: Krishnendu BHakta
Prompt: Lord Shiva  , cosmic background ,potrait,4k
Prompt: Compose a vibrant portrait of Lord Krishna that captures his divine essence, using a rich color palette and intricate detailing to convey his playful and transcendent nature.
Prompt: lord shiv angry eyes with maa parvati behind him
Prompt: Sri Krishna in Mahabharata
Prompt: god vishnu having sudarshan chakra and mace and lotus in hands, yellow dhoti, golden ornate, blue skin color,, soft body, de noise, hyper realistic, front pose, RTX, detailed, elegant, smile, thin
Prompt: Lord murugan
Prompt: Lord shiva
Prompt: astroism shiva