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Freedom vs Slavery, metaphoric concept digital art, extreme detailed, sharp focus
Freedom vs Slavery, metaphoric concept digital... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion (v2.0)
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 21Steps: 200
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 301573388
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Prompt: make me a black and white optical illustion with people dancing
Prompt: Complex Very thorny web of pain and blood
Prompt: An abstract image of boys breaking free from chains or barriers, symbolizing their resilience in overcoming challenges.
Prompt: Make a similar image, with more resemblance of human silhouettes
Prompt: 5 human bodies creating a network black and white
Prompt: Woman trapped in mans body  abstract
Prompt: silhouette of Japanese ninja standing confidently , throwing kunai  , nebula , space background , studio lighting, 8k
Prompt: people made of cracked glass dancing
Prompt: Danse macabre in a wasteland graveyard in the twilight
Prompt: If life feels like you are trapped in someone else’s maze,
Remove their blindfold from your eyes letting in the light.
If you find yourself among the ragged men and plastic women,
Keep your individuality without a surgeon’s knives or needles.
Do not follow the monotone sound of the pied piper’s pipe,
Keep to the rhythm of your heart with its multicoloured tune.
Prompt: Shadow people floating above you, hyperrealistic, 8k, extremely detailed, multiple figures, standing straight, foggy atmosphere, grainy texture, blurry, very old, eerie lighting, high quality, hyperrealism, supernatural, mysterious, foggy, atmospheric, vintage, haunting, highres, detailed shadows, surreal