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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1493841117
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Prompt: A protagonist in his Colorful painted shown in a Disturbing daily life scene, in the middle, floated lights, eyes closed, in a big human crowd, cinematic city with a industrial touch, dramatic sky, sun ris rising, big scene, realistic, 4k resolution, 35mm lens, a bit dreamy, details
Prompt: Cyberpunk style. Man in the rain on the empty mega city
Prompt: cyberpunk into the future high quality space 8k quality
Prompt: Cyber world like summer wars, the man runaway from here and he almost reach to threshold of reality.
Prompt: cyberpunk, 1080p, high quality art, big cities, space, galaxy, 4k quality, 3d, many lights at night
Prompt: Cyberpunk Shanghai + 150mm lens + 8k + UHD + photorealistic + HDR + FStop 1.8 + High octane render + Unreal engine 5 + cinematic + highly detailed + ray tracing
Prompt: "In a neon-lit cyberpunk cityscape, a dystopian nightmare unfolds. Skyscrapers pierce the smoggy sky, flickering holograms and neon signs illuminate the chaos below. Hovering vehicles and augmented individuals traverse this futuristic but nightmarish world." 
Toyoko japan
Prompt: cyberpunk tokyo, Street Art, Graffiti Style, Bold, Digital Painting, Urban, Edgy, Colorful, 8K, Intricate Details illuminated by a neon sunset, by Alex Konstad, Tatsuya Ishida, and Patrick Brown, dramatic lighting, hyper-realistic details, with digital painting techniques, trending on Artstation, cinematic cinematic lighting. Girl looking up at the lights.
Prompt: illustration photographic masterpiece best quality extreme hyper detailed flat color 2D anime girl walking, very wide angle, looking from below, sunshine, raytracing, dramatic lighting, volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting, grim yet sparkling atmosphere, hyper detailed precise pencil strokes, hyper detailed precise pencil outlines, 2D vector art, album cover art, wallpaper art, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, post-processing, epic composition,
Prompt: A woman in a cyberpunk city with a Rifle on her back Staring back to the camera
Prompt: modern African kid looking at the night sky in the middle of a futuristic town with a backpack, cyberpunk
Prompt: anime cyberpunk on a open highway, highly detailed, HD, dark background, hayao miyazaki
Prompt: programmers creating hughe AI system, cyberpunk style
Prompt: make me a picture of a cyberpunk
Prompt: painting of a woman, nighttime, futuristic city street, Sci fi, galaxy, soft light, pastel colors, muted color scheme, art, painting, sweet, fireflies  cyberpunk
Prompt: cyberpunk, 70's, road, man, neon
Prompt: Logo for online anime computer accessory shop: “Futuristic anime tech landscape with playful elements. Media: Digital Painting. Style: Cyberpunk. Reference artist: Masamune Shirow. Descriptive words: Neon, Sleek, Energetic, Edgy, Luminous.”
Prompt: a lofi boy, well drawn, masterfully drawn, 4k, HD, cyberpunk, pfp
Prompt: High quality, Photorealistic, Realistic, clean emotional night in a high quality cyberpunk city
Prompt: cyberpunk
Prompt: A female gazes at the void in a far distance. Black cut hair. winter clothes. rainy day. cold and gray tone. blue and green tone. gloomy tone. night street background.  wind swirling, dramatic light, 4k, cyberpunk, Lighting and shadow visual effects, arcane artstyle. high buildings
Prompt:  A lonely girl in a cyberpunk night scene in futuristic London in
by Andrey Gevechanov, Juan P. Osorio’s  Jakub Chechelski
Prompt: painting of a woman, nighttime, futuristic city street, Sci fi, galaxy, soft light, pastel colors, muted color scheme, art, painting, sweet, fireflies  cyberpunk
Prompt: Cyberpunk 2077 background
Prompt: Cyberpunk