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gorgeous indian women
gorgeous indian women [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 563474177

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Prompt: persian woman
Prompt: photo realistic portrait of {Indian lady } pose on {Bathroom} for playboy magazine centerfold wearing {Tight Saree and Blouse , colour pink}, symmetrical face, ideal human, photography, ultra details, natural light, Saree Wearing, Riding a Scooty,
Prompt:  full length body shot of beautiful Indian girl, show intrinsic details, photo realistic face, The lighting in this pic is stunning!,beautiful nose, beautifully depth eyes, heart shaped lips, portrait, symmetrical face,  stunning environment, vibrant colors, volumetric lighting, highly detailed, ultra realistic, shot on nikon D850
Prompt: Beautiful, hot, Indian realistic desi woman, 36 years old, deep cleavage,  red bra, alluring and captivating,long black hair, angry expression, HDR image
Prompt: an indian cute woman posing to the camera with hairs wide open beautiful and smoot face , realistic effect , beautiful, graceful eyes
Prompt: an indian cute woman, beautiful face , beautiful, graceful eyes
Prompt: full body masterpiece of Sadaf Mohammed Sayed (Indian actress who mainly appears in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada films) :: sleeveless :: parted bangs :: brown hair :: brown eyes :: holding a lance :: wearing tribal cueitl :: ethereal :: jewelry set balayage :: royal vibe :: highly detailed :: dramatic attitude and face expression :: highly detailed face :: digital painting :: trending on Artstation :: HD quality :: tan skin :: artgerm :: by Ilya Kuvshinov
Prompt: With Glowing skin,beautiful indian muscular woman with abs wearing lehenga with muscular thick thighs, sitting down.hyper realistic, Digital Painting, wet clothes, painted by artgerm, Alphonse Mucha, Akihiko yoshida, sakimichan, krenz cushart, artstation, highly detailed, 4k
Prompt: "would you show me to the light?", beautiful girl goddess, ornate jewelry, blinding sun glare background, shiny pearls, 135mm lens, F11, fill flash, studio lighting
Prompt: Sadaf Mohammed Sayed (Indian actress who mainly appears in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada films) crying, sleeveless, brown hair, brown eyes, tears running down face, wearing tribal cueitl, ethereal, sad, jewelry set balayage wild hair, royal vibe, highly detailed, watery eyes,tears running down face, highly detailed face, digital painting, Trending on artstation , HD quality, tan skin,artgerm,  by Ilya Kuvshinov
Prompt: Please produce a  picture of a young Indian female, village women,  drapped in saree, body shape 36 24 36, pretty eyes, heart shape lips, cute facial expressions, intricate design and details body parts, ultra-detailed, highest detail quality, ultra-realistic, photography lighting, full length body shot,  photorealistic, cinematic, movie quality rendering, octane rendering, focused, emotional, epic dramatic lighting, 32k UHD resolution --ar 9:16 --quality 2  --s 750 --v 5.1
Prompt: a cute indian girl wearing a dazzling gown with hairs wide open , beautiful eyes and gorgeous face , smooth and realistic face cut and skin , walking in the middle of the nature with beautiful flowers around her and butterflies fluttering in the background , a full body portrait , realistic , full hd , 8 k
Prompt: Beautiful indian woman, red, white and blue, patriotic
Prompt: Real picture in
 bright lighting, a hot woman  standing, full body 
, bare back, transparent wet white saree, bindi and bangles and mangalsutra, zoomed out, full body, detailed facial expression, inviting look, sexual tension, 
Deep cleavage. Straight and narrow Asian nose. Kissing apple.
Prompt: Good girl and beautiful and khoobsurat