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A hyper realistic 8k painting in the style of anime ,of a bloody battle in ww2 ,with lots of angst in 8k,multiple armies fighting ,
A hyper realistic 8k painting in the style of a... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1391293939
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Prompt: WW2 battle
Prompt: Young men, battle ground, men have serious head injury, hyperrealistic, digital paint, 8k, angry face, wide angle, war vehicles in background,
Prompt: A regiment of scifi soldier, with M1918 helmet, in parade. In the background a cheering crowd. RPG art. Rpg illustration. 2d art. 2d.
Prompt: world war 3
Prompt: Ambushing Enemy Patrol Philippines 1942 in Watercolor
Prompt: imagine world war 2 , dark background,  war,  perfect camera shot, ultra-detailed, night, art, realistic, hyper-realistic, highly detailed, realism, 32k, photography, hdr, 1080p, cinematic, Hyperrealistic, fictional environment, mid shot, intricately detailed, colour depth, dramatic, side light, colourful background, beautifully shot, perfect composition, atmospheric, moody, natural white spotlight shining on subject. Realistic shadows
Prompt: BattleField 1942 game
Prompt: Comic book illustration, full shot, watercolors

1920s unrests, riot, street fights, nazis fighting with communists 

Pastel colours, centered, approaching perfection, dynamic, highly detailed, watercolour painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by Julie Bell and Boris Vellejo and Luis Rojo
Prompt: a ww2 battle with lots of detail 4k
Prompt: Elon musk as a 2nd World War US military officer, insanely detailed intricate octane render, 8k artistic photography, photorealistic, in the style of nikolay razuev artstation and vitaly bulgarov. Black and white photo, old photo, 2nd world war military equipment
Prompt: saving private ryan, astronaut helmet, battle, moon, guns, d-day
Prompt: world war two, dark and white, destroyed zone, soldiers, guns, bullets, oil painting, UHD, 8k, Very detailed, cinematic, realistic, photoreal, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details
Prompt: second world war battle

extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, High Detail, dramatic, UHD, HDR
Prompt: ww2 trenches fights explosions
Prompt: "Create a detailed illustration of a WW2 battle with soldiers. The scene should be set in a war-torn European city, with bombed-out buildings and rubble scattered throughout the streets. The soldiers should be dressed in military uniforms and carrying weapons, such as rifles, submachine guns, and grenades. They should be engaged in intense combat, with gunfire and explosions filling the air. Some soldiers should be taking cover behind overturned vehicles or ruined buildings, while others charge forward or provide covering fire. There should be smoke and dust swirling around the scene, obscuring visibility and adding to the chaos. The illustration should capture the intensity and brutality of the conflict, with a sense of danger and urgency." detailed 4K
Prompt: Whole body. Full figure. american unionist soldier. Green-gray camouflage german Uniform. ww2 German Helmet. Dynamic pose. In background d-day attack . Well draw face. Detailed. realistic helmets. Historical photo. WWII pics.
Prompt: A solder massive military march down a road with a tank column next to the men. Black and grey gloomy detailed uniforms and tanks. Men with black face masks on that cover everything but the eyes. The men have grey uniforms. With a view of a barren wasteland in the background. Realistic. A slight mist on the ground. Multiple men marching in a line.
Prompt: ww2 trenches fights explosions
Prompt: World war 3 chaos explosion fight ultra hd 8k best quality
Prompt: HD, Victory in Europe is based on the memoir, Company Commander, by Charles B. MacDonald and depicts the final days of World War 2 as the 23rd Infantry Regiment advances into Germany during the death throes of the Third Reich. Macdonald describes it thus: “Our preparatory barrage against Ellers
Prompt: 3 person in war situation
Prompt: BattleField 1942 game
Prompt: saving private ryan, battle, moon, guns, d-day
Prompt: Soldier in trench, mud, holding rifle,   battle in the background, running, gas mask, futuristic, hyper realistic, allies in the background, natural movement
Prompt: War
Prompt: Close, gritty illustration of a deadly WW1 bayonet fight, dark and muddy trench setting, German, stahlhelm, Canadian soldiers, locked in melee combat, intense and chaotic scene, raw and gritty art style, muddy and earthy color tones, dramatic lighting, high contrast, brutal hand-to-hand combat, historical accuracy, war art, platoon, detailed uniforms and facial expressions, intense and desperate struggle, realistic depiction