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A water reflection of this
A water reflection of this [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1107380444
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Prompt: photorealistic art painting
Prompt: water drop falling into a lake, creating ripples
Prompt: Water
Prompt: Black ice
Prompt: Aesthetic water ripples during sunset serene minimalistic 3D HD detailed
Prompt: Reflection on water surface
Prompt: waterdrops falling
Prompt: Black and white sea
Prompt: Reflection on water surface
Prompt: underwater water surface light blue
Prompt: spillin water creating only a man's hand out of water, on the ocean water, ray tracing, realistic water sharp focus, long shot, 8 k resolution, cinematic, amazing water art
Prompt: small rock in a river
Prompt: A water reflection of this
Prompt: dark blue ocean glowing
Prompt: Water
Prompt: Slow Moving Beach, Glassy Ocean, Cinematic Movies Scene, Spinning Gems Culture, Photo Taken by Sam Gibson
Prompt: Water
Prompt: Water fountain close up, splashing water, extreme detail, 8k, ultra hd, hyper detailed, alena aenami, national geographic photo, hyperrealism, trending on artstation, sunny, sunshine rays, charlie bowater, unreal engine, national geographic photo, cryengine, beautiful lighting conditions
Prompt: <mymodel>) **Background Layer - Lake Erie Waters:**
In this layer, envision the vast, serene expanse of Lake Erie's waters during the months from September through June. The water, beginning with a crystal-clear surface, gradually transforms into a mesmerizing gradient of blues as it deepens. The cerulean hues reflect the seasonal temperature changes, ensuring Harmony's comfort in the cool yet not frigid waters.

The sunlight, filtering through the water's surface, creates captivating beams that descend into the depths. These beams, dancing with refracted light, illuminate the underwater world with a magical glow. Picture the play of light and shadow, giving depth to the scene and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Incorporate the unique characteristics of Lake Erie, acknowledging the occasional presence of blue-green algae. While it may slightly tint the water in some areas, it adds an interesting visual element. Subtle variations in color showcase the dynamic nature of the lake's ecosystem, creating a visually intriguing underwater environment.

Feel the expansiveness of the lake, stretching out into the horizon, and convey the sense of depth through the shades of blue. This background layer serves as the canvas for the aquatic masterpiece we're crafting, setting the stage for Harmony's underwater adventures in Lake Erie.