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long wavy purple pigtails, anime, kawaii, detailed
long wavy purple pigtails, anime, kawaii, detailed [more]
Model: andite/anything-v4.0
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 240933669
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Prompt: ((((eyes)))), ((((((empty eyes)))))), (((((blank pupils))))), digital art, 3d, ((best quality)), masterpiece, purple hair, drill hair, hair between eyes, ((ahoge)), simple background
Prompt: high-quality, girl, Korean, long wavy dark hair dyed purple on the ends of her hair, kpop idol
Prompt: long wavy purple pigtails, anime, kawaii, detailed
Prompt: young girl saphir shining eyes, long purple hair, uniform
Prompt: Create a masterpiece, high quality picture of a goth girl at school with a metal bat blowing pink bubble gum. She has long wavy hair and a scythe on her back. Black hair. Put her twin sister next to her but she's kind and soft. She was pink and a beanie with a character on it. Have her sister with a bubbly personality. Visible scythe
Prompt: long wavy purple pigtails, anime, kawaii, detailed, pastel, cute
Prompt: A visual novel sprite of a purple-haired flat high school girl with empty eyes.
Prompt: Anime girl with a long straight black hair, using clothes in pastel shade of colours, cute and fancy accessories.
Prompt: Ironmouse, short anime girl with purple highlights, pink long hair, purple glowing eyes, one sharp teeth in front, pink sleeves shirt and pink ribbon tie choker, black military boots, black stripe plaid skirt, pink legging, blood, high quality, tired, white sharp horns, best quality, any anime art style, manga style
Prompt: closeup portrait shot of an orange eye girl in maid dress, blue hair, orange eyes,, super detailed closeup portrait shot of a boy
Prompt: a girl with short pink hair, two buns, Eden's uniform, an imperial scholar, green eyes
Prompt: pretty anime girl with purple hair, beautiful eyes, anime eyes, long pigtails, simple art, face, wisteria, fluffy hair, 3/4 angle