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a forest at night with a portal in form of a breach with a fantasy blue forest in it
a forest at night with a portal in form of a br... [more]
Model: nitrosocke/Arcane-Diffusion
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 406550317
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Prompt: a transclucent being in a creepy and haunted dark forest, gloomy, swamp, haunted, eerie, Wadim Kashin, featured in artstation, octane render, cinematic, elegant, intricate, 8k
Prompt: fantasy concept art by greg rutkowski of a lush vegetated green planet, with a blue grid circuitry, tron, rock outcroppings, gestural oil painting style, backlit, cinematographic morning light, artstation hq,
Prompt: chanting Eldoria's Glowing Realm

Default (GPT-3.5)

"Amidst the luminescent forest of Eldoria, where trees possess silver leaves that emit a gentle, enchanting glow, stands an ancient crystal-clear lake. Its tranquil waters are said to reflect the dreams of those who gaze upon them, granting glimpses into fantastical worlds and hidden desires. Towering cliffs of iridescent quartz surround the lake, adorned with cascading waterfalls that seem to flow from the very heavens. A captivating symphony of ethereal melodies resonates through the air, carried by the wings of luminous sylphs that dance on the breeze. In the heart of this magical realm, a shimmering archway formed of intertwined vines and starlight serves as a portal to realms unknown, beckoning the adventurous to step into a tapestry of wonder and mystique."
Prompt: fantasy, concept art, dimly lit underdark, underground city with river flowing through it, small stone settlements
Prompt: Dreamcore afterhours beautiful haunted forest mysterious trees space galaxies
Prompt: riot arcane, fantasy forest, purple and neon green, watercolor