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Moth Charmeleon, Type is fire bug, moth wings, best quality, masterpiece, by lava in cartoon art style
Moth Charmeleon, Type is fire bug, moth wings,... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 1907001209
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Prompt: "portrait of an adorable phoenix dragon, flickering luminescent flames, reflective, anime, CGI, hyperrealism extremely detailed epic masterwork, detailed matte painting by Greg Rutkowski 8k resolution concept art intricately detailed Splash art trending on Artstation dynamic lighting Eldritch hyperdetailed"
Prompt: new pokemon legendary. dragon and psychic type
Prompt: fakemon haxorus black, red
Prompt: A fantasy translucent hellhound that is glowing, growling, lava flowing from its body,pools of magma, beneath the stars, bioluminescent, highres, best quality, concept art
Prompt: goblin horde being chased by warrior fairies
Prompt: nine tailed fox, red background, soft lighting, fullbody visible, high definition, ultra realistic, unreal engine 5, 8K, digital art,
Prompt: evil flames tranforms into devils
Prompt: A humanoids monster made of flesh and bone with red eyes, full body, absolutely astonishing, razor-sharp focus, (masterpiece), volumetric lighting, light beams, bokeh, UHD, 16k, HDR, ((((best quality)))) beautiful detailed bright eyes glowing with infinite energy,
Prompt: fire kitsune, digital art
Prompt: autumn if it was a fantasy animal illustration by loish
Prompt: a flying dragon looking at me with glowing red eyes
Prompt: ultra HD, 8k, vampire with amber colour, skin of bark, ivy, digital art, high quality
Prompt: Low Poly Fire Creature
Prompt: anime yveltal garuda hybrid boy with reddish-black crystalline armor and all blood red eyes
Prompt: pokemon art style, portrait of a baby starry phoenix made of fire that is glowing, flying, flaming head, mouth open, glistening flowing flaming feathers, glowing red eyes, bioluminescent, volcano, eruption, lava, magma, fireballs, sunset, beneath the stars, masterpiece, highres, best quality, concept art, 64k, highly detailed, vibrant, professional, UHD
Prompt: A demigod legendary pokemon
Prompt: Digital Cute Dragon type legendary Pokémon
Prompt: Moth Charizard, Type is fire bug, moth wings, best quality, masterpiece, by lava, in cartoon art style
Prompt: pixar, big cute eyes, turing red the movie, disney, red panda, with blueish yellow eyes that sparkle, and silver tips off the little hair falling between his eyes, feminine, small butterflys and twigs cover body --ar 16:9 --niji 5
Prompt: firemon
Prompt: fire kitsune, digital art
Prompt: Cancer the crab  as a male human, 8k, UHD,  highly detailed, close up
Prompt: monster of the void, black and blue colors, close up, highly detailed, galaxy background, aggressive
Prompt: Vriskaire has a unique and visually striking design that reflects its Homestuck inspiration. It resembles a small humanoid creature with insectoid features. Its body is predominantly dark blue, and it has vibrant yellow markings and glowing green eyes.

The Pokémon's limbs are elongated and flexible, allowing it to move with agility and grace. Its hands and feet have sharp, claw-like appendages, perfect for precision strikes and climbing. Vriskaire's most distinctive feature is its set of large, translucent wings that shimmer with a prismatic glow.

The wings are reminiscent of Vriska Serket's iconic eightfold symbol from Homestuck, with each section representing a different aspect of its powers. The wings can manipulate luck and probabilities, granting Vriskaire enhanced accuracy and evasiveness during battles.

Vriskaire is known for its mischievous grin, always appearing as if it's plotting something devious. It carries a set of throwing knives on its belt-like accessory, ready to unleash a flurry of precise and well-planned attacks. Its agile movements and calculated strikes make it a formidable opponent in battle.

In terms of abilities, Vriskaire possesses psychic powers that allow it to manipulate the probability of events. It can alter the outcome of its attacks, enhancing their effectiveness or making them more unpredictable. Additionally, Vriskaire has the ability to induce minor illusions, creating distractions or concealing its presence.

Vriskaire's personality and design pay homage to the complexity and intrigue of the "Homestuck" universe. It embodies the spirit of adventure, strategic thinking, and embracing the unexpected, making it an intriguing addition to any Pokémon team
Prompt: UHD, , 8k,  oil painting, Anime,  Very detailed, zoomed out view of character, HD, High Quality, Anime, , Pokemon, multiple Zubat, Zubat is a small blue, chiropteran Pokémon. While it lacks eyes, it has pointed ears with purple insides and a mouth with two sharp teeth on each jaw.  It has purple wing membranes supported by two, elongated fingers, and two long, thin tails.

Zubat lives in abundance in dark caves, although it has also been known to dwell in forests and under the eaves of old buildings. Due to its habitat, Zubat has evolved to have neither eyes nor nostrils. It instead navigates through dark environments and tight caves with echolocation, emitting ultrasonic cries to detect targets and obstacles. The frequency of these cries can vary slightly between Zubat colonies. As demonstrated in the anime, it will leave its abode at night with a mass of other Zubat in order to seek prey. Zubat is nocturnal, and sleeps hanging upside down during the daytime, avoiding sunlight at all costs. Daylight causes Zubat to become unhealthy, and prolonged exposure can even burn its skin. However, captured and trained Zubat have been recorded as being much more tenacious in the daytime, even when directly exposed to sunbeams. While sleeping, or in colder conditions, Zubat gathers with others of its kind for warmth.

Pokémon by Frank Frazetta
Prompt: Digimon who's, its entire body is ablaze, It has a wild temperament for its small size, causing its Digicore to burn intensely, colors are fiery shades of orange, Masterpiece, best quality