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marie antoinette little girl listening to mozart child while he play the piano in the hall of a castle
marie antoinette little girl listening to mozart child while he play the piano in the hall of a c... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1348307490

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Prompt: An 1800's russian ballroom. Ballroom is big and really crowded and there is many important person dancing. At the middle ladys and gentlmen are dancing and in the corner a mother sitting on the chair beetween her 2 young girls. One of the mother's daughter is sad and other one is looks docile. First girl is 16 years old and other one is 22 years old. Mother is 50 years old. The mother and her daughters will be at the forfront. The angle which we are looking to the photo will be close to the mother and her girls. We will be back of them
Prompt: Digital painting showing the suffering of women,sitting on a bed in a cosy vintage bedroom, octane render by weta digital,  exotic colorful pastel, ray traced lighting and reflection
Prompt: Nighttime in an enchanted forest royal castle there is a lavish ball taking place, that you can barely see through the large windows, and there is a door ajar and a mysterious beautiful woman is walking in, and you are curious as to what is happening inside, high quality image
Prompt: Frost wolf looking into a large oval mirror in baroque room at night
Prompt: "decorated modern country house interior, trending on artstation, hdr, 8 k, light reflections"
Prompt: animals cute in a DANCING party with rococo victorian clothes in a rococo  cristal castle
Prompt: Create a UHD, 64K, professional oil painting in the style of Carl Heinrich Bloch, blending the American Barbizon School and Flemish Baroque influences. Depict Cinderella at the grand ball, in a luxurious and opulent ballroom. Cinderella is dressed in an elegant, shimmering gown, capturing the light and casting a soft glow around her. The ballroom is adorned with crystal chandeliers, marble floors, and intricate golden decorations. Noblemen and women in lavish attire are seen dancing, chatting, and enjoying the festivities. Cinderella, standing at the top of a grand staircase, is the center of attention, with her graceful poise and radiant beauty captivating the guests. The scene is bathed in the warm light of hundreds of candles, creating an atmosphere of magic and enchantment. Outside the large, arched windows, a moonlit garden can be seen, adding to the fairytale ambiance.
Prompt: Tea party.

Cute creature by Boris Kustodiev and Frank Cadogan Cowper.

A painting in mix style Don Blanding and  Ray Caesar and Victor Nizovtsev and Alyssa Monks and Abigail Larson  and Catherine Hyde and Esao Andrews

Imagination, mysterious  art style. Intricate details, hyper detailed, masterpiece.
Ultra detailed outfit. 32k. Divine proportion. Ultra detailed textures. Perfect.