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Prompt: Undead Mercy walking through eerie forest at night, subtle moonlight, eerie fog, high-quality, realistic, spooky, cool tones, haunting atmosphere, detailed armor, ethereal glow, misty forest, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: In the early moments of dawn, a futuristic city begins to emerge from the shadows, and within this nascent light, a mysterious figure materializes. The predator, cloaked in a sleek fusion of advanced technology and Caravaggio's chiaroscuro aesthetics, stands as a silhouette against the first glimmers of dawn.

The cityscape, characterized by towering skyscrapers and vibrant holographic billboards, is only partially illuminated by the soft, diffused light of the approaching day. The scene mirrors the subtle transition from darkness to light, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Caravaggio's adept use of contrast.

The predator's futuristic armor, adorned with intricate patterns and reflective surfaces, catches the evolving light, casting mesmerizing glows and subtle shadows across its form. The creature's mask, inspired by Caravaggio's emphasis on mysterious visages, conceals its features while glowing eyes pierce through the emerging daylight.

In one hand, the predator holds a plasma blade, its surface just beginning to radiate with a soft luminescence. The blade casts a gentle glow that starts to carve through the lingering darkness, echoing the transition from night to day in the futuristic city.

The figure's stance is poised yet anticipatory, reminiscent of Caravaggio's ability to convey tension in the simplest gestures. The predator stands as a sentinel, an enigmatic presence in the cityscape, as the first rays of dawn reveal the intricate details of its high-tech armor and weaponry.

In this melding of futuristic aesthetics and Caravaggio's masterful use of light and shadow, the emerging predator symbolizes the dawn of a new era, where advanced technology meets timeless artistic inspiration in the heart of a burgeoning metropolis.
Prompt: Insanely detailed Portrait photograph of beautiful woman in white, she has curly redhead hair and a dirt-smeared ultra detailed face, lacy white clothes, symmetrical blue eyes, silver circlet, cleavage, soft face, deep colors, full moon lighting glow background, shadows, Breathtaking Fantasycore Artwork By Android Jones, Jean Baptiste Monge, Alberto Seveso, Erin Hanson, Jeremy Mann. Intricate Photography, A Masterpiece, 8k Resolution Artstation, Unreal Engine 5, Cgsociety, Octane Photograph, sharp focus
Prompt: Draw George Washington's profitable whiskey company and his happy face
Prompt: scary werewolf dogman, in dark forest, black fur, snarling, sharp claws, glowing red eyes, undead, sharp teeth, tattered ear, thick shaggy fur, long tail, running through forest, swamp at night, moon and stars, male canine, towering over landscape, whiskers, hunting, flaming trees, forest fire, forest temple, celtic runes, viking temple, deciduous forest, giant trees, foliage, plants, underwater, light filtering through water, radiant light, fern fronds, bubbles, underwater landscape, moon and stars, night time, spectral light, meadow flowers, lush and green, rainbow colored sky, stars and moon, radiant light, spectral shining light, constellations, bubbles, ambient light, fireflies, strong wind, aurora, waterfalls, flowing water, mists, swamp, forest fire, red moon
Prompt: in Belize, a giant ancient intricately detailed bas relief covered temple of cthulhu, overhead lighting shadows, wide angle view, infinity vanishing point
Prompt: A photo realistic lonely tree in a grassland with lot of branches and dense leaves. The trunk has two holes where birds find their nest.
Prompt: Make a neon dolphin, colorful forest, neon dolphin is bright and glowing, beautiful flowers, hyper realistic, hyper detailed, painting, masterpiece, wallpaper, more flowers, some humming birds, some red parrots, colorful
Prompt: I can't physically paint, but I can help you imagine a Disney-style Valorant Jett figure! Envision Jett with a more animated and whimsical appearance. Here's a description:

Jett, the radiant duelist from Valorant, transforms into a Disney character with a cheerful and adventurous vibe. She has large, expressive eyes that sparkle with determination and excitement. Her iconic short hair is animatedly tousled, and her sleek outfit takes on a more playful and colorful look.

Jett's agility and speed are showcased through dynamic poses – perhaps mid-jump or with a trail of magical streaks following her swift movements. Instead of her usual knife, imagine her wielding a fantastical, glowing weapon with a touch of Disney magic.

The background could be filled with dynamic swirls of energy or clouds to enhance the lively and enchanting atmosphere. Capture the essence of Disney's charm by emphasizing Jett's positive and lively personality, making her a dynamic and captivating character in the Disney style! If you're artistically inclined or working with an artist, these ideas can be used as inspiration for your painting.
Prompt: a young woman eating hotteok on the street
Prompt: masterpiece, best quality, mecha, no humans, black armor, blue eyes, science fiction, fire, laser canon beam, war, conflict, destroyed city background
Prompt: <mymodel>Vibrant digital illustration of a mystical dragon, swirling magical patterns, glowing scales and eyes, high fantasy setting, ancient ruins in the background, intricate details, ethereal Click or drag a photo mesmerizing, high quality, digital painting, fantasy, vibrant colors, mystical, magical, detailed scales, ancient ruins, professional, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: in the Belize jungle, a giant ancient intricately detailed bas relief covered megaskyscraper arcology of cthulhu, overhead lighting shadows, wide angle view, 25 degree offset infinity vanishing point
Prompt: coral reef growing in a desert, giant cactus, rainbow colored sky, stars and moon, radiant light, spectral shining light, constellations, bubbles, ambient light, fireflies, strong wind, aurora
Prompt: Slender early 20s woman, watercolor in style of Steve hanks, disheveled hair in pigtails, unbuttoned blouse, messy vintage record store, jumbled album boxes, rock posters, rock paraphernalia on counter, vinyl albums on wall, high detail, vintage illustration, messy style, warm tones, atmospheric lighting, 4k resolution, vintage, messy hair, rock vintage, detailed scene
Prompt: horrifying female ghost with beautiful eyes, photorealistic, dark forrest
Prompt: boreal forest, giant pine trees, rainbow colored sky, stars and moon, radiant light, spectral shining light, constellations, bubbles, ambient light, fireflies, strong wind, aurora borealis, frozen landscape, moon reflecting off of snow, radiant beauty, mountains, night time, dark sky, constellations, shining moon
Prompt: in the Belize jungle, a giant ancient intricately detailed bas relief covered outer wall and gate to the temple of cthulhu, overhead lighting shadows, wide angle view, offset infinity vanishing point
Prompt: A zoomed out portrait of a beautiful dryad, digital painting, trending on ArtStation, illustrated style, anime style, deviantart, Portrait of a fantasy nymph, stunning, concept art, pretty face, realistic shaded Perfect face, fine details, artstation, forest, elf ears, glassy eyes