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Prompt: Norma Jean
Prompt: a dark woman in tokyo, realistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol, vibrant pastels
Prompt: Picture of Marilyn Monroe, posing provocatively in full vibrant colors, perfect composition, hyper realistic, super detailed, 2k, high quality, trending art, trending on art station, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed.
Prompt: 80s girl in the style of Lisa frank
Prompt: Hypnotic illustration of Pamela anderson, hypnotic psychedelic art by Dan Mumford, pop surrealism, dark glow neon paint, mystical, Behance
Prompt: Sad beautiful half body Caucasian woman, anime, detailed hazel eyes, 90s attire, pixelated, distorted, glitch art, weirdcore, kimoicore, creepy, horror, technocore 90s aesthetic, retro, vaporwave, animecore, computer, bedroom, lo-fi, glitchcore, synthwave, dystopian, UHD, 8k, highest quality, highly detailed background, rain in background, night time, highly detailed digital painting, dreamlike, surreal, by Kuvshinov Ilya and Junji Ito
Prompt: "a portrait of a girl skull face, marilyn monroe, in the style of artgerm, charlie bowater, atey ghailan and mike mignola, vibrant colors and hard shadows and strong rim light, plain background, comic cover art, trending on artstation"
Prompt: Barkeep, best quality, masterpiece, in synthwave aesthetic style
Prompt: Pop art-An illustration of a young woman
Prompt: Third person, gameplay, Canadian girl, pale skin, freckles, curly red hair, teal eyes, 2020s, smartphone, streets of Quebec City at night, fog, blue atmosphere, cartoony style, extremely detailed painting by Greg Rutkowski and by Henry Justice Ford and by Steve Henderson
Prompt: A woman all in primary colors, pretty makeup
Prompt: Colour splash, vivid
Prompt: Beautiful woman cartoon portrait pop art
Prompt: Retro lesbian punk rock 70's vibe trippy
Prompt: long profile of a red haired woman walking away, in a restaurant in tokyo, realistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol, vibrant pastels
Prompt: extreme long shot of a pretty woman in a computer store, hyperrealistic, futuristic, 4K, in the background the metaverse, neon, in the style of Andy warhol
Prompt: Abstract portrait of beautiful female, cosmic landscape background, in style of post modernism
Prompt: Retro lesbian punk rock 70's vibe trippy comic style pop art goth punk fashion
Prompt: stained glass picture of a disco queen, Onix skin, a haircap made of shattered glass mirror, beautiful face, dramatic makeup, digital art, very realistic, futuristic, vintage intricate, elegant, symmetry, dark vignette, Best quality, super clear resolution, concept art, depth of field, sunny backlit, art by Wadim Kashin, alphonse mucha , john william waterhouse,  Jugendstil Art
Prompt: Pop Art Face Zoom In Happy retro art deco
Prompt: femme fatale, Clear, detailed face. Clean Cel shaded vector art by lois van baarle, artgerm, Dan Mumford, by makoto shinkai and ilya kuvshinov, rossdraws, illustration
Prompt: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), ((realistic)), hd octane render,A girl wearing fancy street wear, tokyo, neon light, centered, intricate, highly detailed, breathtaking beauty, precise lineart, vibrant, comprehensive cinematic , Conrad Roset,,Carne Griffiths,  8k, oil painting, cinematic lighting, best quality, highres, dynamic pose
Prompt: High quality photo of retro 60's birthday, dynamic portrait pose, happy, baroque pink and blue sparkling coating, shiny plastic skin, retro neon design, hyper detailed, pose in dramatic atmosphere, many luminescent energy halo, iridescent plasma, 3d octane render, retrofuturistic, cinematic, by Vava Venezia Dellert, blue background with shiny stars