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the average adult robot
the average adult robot [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1459282897
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Prompt: robotic realistic
Prompt: Artificial intelligence overthrowing humans
Prompt: The image showcases a futuristic robot with humanoid features. The robot possesses a sleek design, primarily in monochromatic tones, with detailed headgear and a prominent chest emblem. It stands against a gray background, emanating an aura of advanced technology.
Prompt: robocop with lots of detail 4k
Prompt: Make face of robot , with a single-colored background, close to realism and add text name written on its jaw*Bilal Almawla* added as a sign of the factory in which this robot was produced.
Prompt: robotic realistic suicide
Prompt: Create an image of a  AI robot
Prompt: Ai robot
Prompt: To robot
Prompt: robot realistic cool
Prompt: Human
Prompt: Robot taking on human faces
Prompt: an artificially intelligence male robot with speech delivering pose.
Prompt: Futuristic robot, agile, dangerous, orange eyes, realistic, exposed mechanics, strong, full body picture
Prompt: UHD, 8k, masterpiece, best quality, ultra detailed, ultra highres,  finely detail, Unreal engine 5, hyper realistic,  Scifi, robot, cyborg,  vibrant details, anatomical, cable electric wires, microchip
Prompt: Human robot
Prompt: Make me a face of robot and have a name ( Bilal Almawla ) added as a sign of the factory in which this robot was produced
Prompt: I want an AI robot that has some illumination around her head. The blackground needs to be solid black. It had to be suitable for cover art for a minimal techno track. I want her to stare directly at the camera.
Prompt: Robot taking on human faces
Prompt: Dressed like a very young Robotic Pleiadian Nordic blonde from the Galactic Federation of Light,  high resolution, 3D render, style of cyberpunk
Prompt: robot realistic
Prompt: warforged machine with wood and stone, non metal male looking, blue trim and glow, mainly dark grey | ultra-fine details, intricate scene, ambient lighting, soft glow, elegant, 16, symmetrical facial features, accurate anatomy, sharp focus, final fantasy cgi still, artgerm, taken on nikon d750, scenic, gossamer, iridescent, ethereal, auroracore, vaporwave, splash art, pixiv, tumblr instagram
Prompt: a fantastic cyborg, with the presence of humanity
Prompt: ai robot intelligent