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trevor from gta5 eating dik
trevor from gta5 eating dik [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 1289755353
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Prompt: intricate hyperdetailed close up portrait of 1 man vintage walking on the old dark street valley, at night, hyperdetailed complex, muscular body, hyperdetailed intricate short hair, stray hairs, hyperdetailed complex, degas style painting,

looking from front, character concept,

masterpiece hyperdetailed degas style painting hyperdetailed vintage luxury texture black long leather coat,

mystery environment, interactive exhibits, Degas Style Painting, fantasy environment, 1800s environment,

at night, very dark, dark sky, heavy rain, dark environment, hyperdetailed red moon, hyperdetailed glowing glamour street light, glowing glamour light, studio lighting, cinematic light, highly detailed glamour light reflection, iridescent light reflection, hyper detailed strong shading, cozy, fog, glamour,

impressionist painting,

volumetric lighting maximalist photo illustration 64k, resolution high res intricately detailed complex,

Alphonse Mucha, Andy Warhol, hyperdetailed digital painting, hyperdetailed digital art, Modern Art, Pop Art, detailed sharp focus, hyperdetailed brush strokes, realistic art, clean art, professional, colorful, rich deep color, concept art, UHD, HDR, 64K, RPG, UHD render, HDR render, 3D render cinema 4D,
Prompt: Michael De Santa, GTA V, happy look, 4k, UHD, HDR, f/1.8, front face close-up, Los Santos background, video game character
Prompt: arthur morgan eating marijuana edibles
Prompt: fortnite kratos Ultra HD UHD  2K 4K 8K 12K 16K 32K 64K Photorealistic Photorealism Masterpiece Beautiful
Prompt: The rock lifting his left eyebrow with kawai cheeks, photorealistic
Prompt: Niko Bellic, GTA IV, serious look, 4k, close-up of front face, sun-lit background of the streets of Liberty City
Prompt: Trevor from GTA V, menacing look, 4k, UHD, HDR, f/1.8, front face close-up, Los Santos background
Prompt: walter white in fortnite
Prompt: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (2004) cutscene featuring Uncanny Mark Zuckerberg cosplaying as CJ Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas, white sleeveless tanktop, player model, grove st, mod, focus on face, protagonist, ghetto, ps1 gameplay, Dreamcast graphics, San Andreas Mod, GTA SA, Compton, Ps2
Prompt: retired sideckick turned evil
Prompt: Mafia italienne
Prompt: Rick Grimes in The walking dead Telltale Game style
Prompt: ken shamrock gta 5
Prompt: UHD, 8k, high quality, ultra quality, cinematic lighting, special effects, hyper realism, hyper realistic, Very detailed, high detailed face, high detailed eyes, medieval, fantasy, D&D, oil painting, full view of chatacter, full body, zoom out, orc, man, strong, ugly, angry
Prompt: Franklin Clinton, GTA V, happy look, 4k, UHD, HDR, f/1.8, front face close-up, Los Santos background
Prompt: ken shamrock gta 5
Prompt: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in GTA san andreas.
Prompt: A Blender 3D version of Arthur Morgan with blue eyes and brown hair and wears a cowboy, RDR 2, front face close-up,
Prompt: Portrait of Ed Jones from State of Decay 1, Hyperrealistic, sharp focus, Professional, UHD, HDR, 8K, Render, electronic, dramatic, vivid, pressure, stress, nervous vibe, loud, tension, traumatic, dark, cataclysmic, violent, fighting, Epic
Prompt: walter white and fortnite