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cute tall boy with fluffy hair and big dreamy green eyes and a wonderful personality
cute tall boy with fluffy hair and big dreamy g... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1328973893
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Prompt: Create a fantasy art featuring an androgynous male teenage character. they should be taller than average, with an aerodynamic build and no facial hair. Their skin must be goblin-like green, and their hair should be black. They should have glowing orange irises and a sharp-toothed grin. On their shoulder, there should be a scar in the shape of a dragon. They are styled as a dark-toned, earth-themed stealth Rogue, wielding 'Whisper,' the dagger from Critical Role. Place them in a fantasy forest background, capturing the essence of a darker, earth-themed D&D world. a drawing of a person with red eyes, a character portrait by Nína Tryggvadóttir, trending on DeviantArt, fantasy art, artstation  a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground, a character portrait by Okumura Togyu,
Prompt: She has a long, distinctive neon-green that fades to neon-blue hair in a ponytail, heterochromia eyes, wearing a long brown open
Prompt: A boy with fluffy hair and emerald green eyes with short hair and inky black, and his eyes were  bright and shiny green, his hair flowed like a river and his eyes had the same effect, wearing a bright orange shirt and bleached blue jean pants, perfect features, extremely detailed, realistic. Krenz Cushart + loish +gaston bussiere +craig mullins, j. c. leyendecker +Artgerm.
Prompt: In realistic style. Young male elf, with pale white skin, that has slight blue tint. He has very short but messy purple-black hair. His face is small and round, with childish features. His eyes are  large with silver irises. He is very slender but short. He wears leathers, in dark purple hues, with the sheen of a beetle's carapace.
Prompt: Male. masculine build. human animatronic hybrid, with focused emerald eyes. Emerald colored feathery PEGASUS tail. Short dark Green ombre hair. horse ears. adult He wears grey comfy leggings, a white oversized sweater, brown boots. And a green scarf. Anime style. UHD, HD, 4K. In the forest.
Prompt: Cute anime boy, blond hair, curly hair, green eyes, sketch, art, beautiful, perfect, high picture quality, dark aestetic, fantasy, mystery