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Moon Splash

Moon Splash

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Prompt: James Jean, Barbara Cooney, Surreal, mysterious, bizarre, fantastical, fantasy, Sci-fi, Japanese anime, Seraphim, 266,613,336 wings, fallen angel, Mobius type perpetual motion machine, beautiful girl, geometric planet, detailed masterpiece
Prompt: a female angel with white wings with one feather missing
Prompt: Realistic Very majestic Greek like cat goddess with epic majestic wings, gold pink and blue
Prompt: Personification of dreams
Prompt: beautiful blonde long hair  female angel with blue eyes  with dove on out stretched hand
Prompt: Beautiful blonde angel being sent to hell
Prompt: Please create an illustration that represents the woman of the sun in the bible, revelations, chapter 12, with angel wings and a bright light behind her, make her beautiful with blonde flowing hair and smaller angels under her.
Prompt: very detailed ethereal angel, looking out to the ocean, surreal, fantasy, beautiful, huge wings, vibrant, sophisticated