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Kalaiselvi Nadarajan

Kalaiselvi Nadarajan


strange city in the black hole
strange city in the black hole [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1899034916

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Prompt: Everything in all of space and time becoming nothing and then becoming everything in space and time again.  Extremely photo realistic
Prompt: futuristic blue lighting circle city air gate, highres, realistic, force field
Prompt: singularity being, over a circular city with building height increasing toward the center, blue simple, high quality, detailed, ultra-detailed, realistic, modern architecture, urban skyline, glass facade, clear reflection, minimalistic design, professional, cityscape, serene atmosphere, stunning lighting, futuristic, sleek design, urban, modern, city lights, intense detail
Prompt: a big white wormhole in the middle of the vast space with beautiful galaxies separated in the space. stars floating around. beautiful scenery. ((cyberpunk style, futuristic utopian architecture))
Prompt: futuristic blue lighting circle city air gate, highres, realistic, force field
Prompt: Concept:
This theme captures the essence of modern-day mysticism blended with the hustle of urban life. It speaks to solopreneurs who are navigating the complex, fast-paced business world but seek a deeper, more meaningful path to success.
Character + Environment:
* Character: Modern-day solopreneurs, depicted with an aura of mystique, perhaps shown in moments of contemplation or surrounded by symbolic imagery (like bauhaus patterns or sacred geomentry).
* Environment: Dynamic urban settings with a twist of the unexpected, such as cityscapes with floating islands or ethereal lights, blending the mundane with the magical.
Artistic Style + Color Suggestions:
* Artistic Style: A fusion of bauhaus illustration with digital art, creating scenes that feel both familiar and fantastical.
* Colors: Deep purples and blues to convey mysticism, contrasted with vibrant neon accents (like electric blue or hot pink) to bring in the energy of the urban environment.